iOS 17.1.2: How to Delete an Album from Photos App on iPhone, iPad in 2023

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In our iPhone, we can create as much as a photo album in the Photos app to store the pictures as per the occasion, and the identical photo albums could be deleted. While doing so, iPhone & iPad users have reported that they cannot delete an album from the Photos app. For them, there is no such glitch or system fault that will stop you from deleting photos or albums from the Photos app on iPhone. Don’t try to delete the default albums like All Photos or Camera Roll, Recents, and Favorites, as they cannot be deleted from iPhone.

Another noteworthy point is that when you delete an album from the Photos app, that album’s pictures will still appear on the All Photos album. That allows you to remove unwanted photo albums to reduce clutter without deleting the photos from the device. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have any direct option to Delete the album; instead, you have to select Edit, and then the only album can be deleted from iPhone.

Delete an Album from Photos App on your iPhone, iPad

Note: If you want to delete the albums from the photos app, in order to free up iPhone, and iPad storage, then deleting albums isn’t enough, you have to delete the photos from the Camera Roll to remove them permanently. Once you put your Album tab in Edit mode, You can Delete, Rename the Album name by tapping on the name.

Learn how to delete the album/Folder from the photos app, with our stepwise guide.

For iPhone Delete Photo Album or Folder Album,

  • Open the “Photos” app on your iPhone, iPad.
  • Select the “Album” tab.
Delete Album from Photos App
Delete Album from Photos App
  • Tap “See All” and then “Edit”.
  • When a red mark appears, tap on it to delete. Otherwise, Tap on Name to Rename Album. Becuase some users are deleting the album becuase of the Wrong name of the album.
Delete Album from Photos App1
Delete Album from Photos App
  • Confirm, “Delete” and tap “Done”.

For iPad – Delete Photo Album or Folder Album

In the Same Way, iPad users can organize all custom-created photo albums on the iPad Photos app. After Delete album, Album can’t rollback. Removing Album will not delete a photo from the camera roll. if you are looking for Delete Album or Folder on your iPad Photos app. Follow the same steps. and Remove what you want.

  • Launch the “Photos” app on the iPad.
  • Go to the “Album” tab.
Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad
Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad
  • Select “See All”.
  • Tap “Edit”.
  • Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad
    Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad
  • Tap on Red Mark.
  • Lastly, “Delete” to remove the album and “Done”. (Tap on Album or Folder name to Change Album name)
  • Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad
    Delete Albums from Photos App-iPad

    Follow this to share a photo album with your friends on iPhone, and android mobile. After, Create a New Album on iPhone, and iPad.

    How to Rename Album Name in Photos app on iPhone & iPad

    To manage all the Albums and Folders on iPhone, and iPad Photos app, we have to rename them as per Photos type to easily find the right photos from the selected album. Follow the steps to rename the Album name without deleting or Remove Photos collection,

    1. Open the Photos app on iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on Album Tab from the bottom Tab > Tap on See All option to view all the Albums.view-all-created-album-on-photos-app-on-iphone-and-ipad
    3. Tap on Edit to change the Album name > Tap on Album Name. to Change or Erase name. But we can’t change the default folder name like Recents and Favorites.rename-album-in-photos-app-on-iphone-and-ipad
    4. Tap on Done to apply changes. that’s it.rename-album-on-photos-and-save-to-iphone-and-ipad
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