How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently on iPhone in 2020

How to delete Instagram account permanently on iOS iPhone

Probably social media is the reason behind the absence of mind among teenagers as well as adults. No doubt, adults spent more time on Instagram rather than kids. So in case if you have decided to change your life and make it better for you. I would suggest you start with deleting the Instagram account permanently on the iPhone.

Let me tell you what happens when you delete the Instagram account permanently on the iPhone. Deleting Instagram account will remove your profile, videos, likes, photos, comments, and followers from Instagram history.

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A trick to How to delete the Instagram account permanently on iPhone

Instagram also provides an alternate option, through which you can disable the Instagram account for some time if you want to take a break.

Follow the steps to Get Delete Instagram Account Permanently Link on Your iPhone

  • Step #1: Locate and open the “Instagram” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: On the bottom panel, tap on your account icon next to the heart-shaped icon.
  • Step #3: Tap on three lines symbol on the top of the screen.
  • Step #4: Next, select “Settings”.
  • Step #5: Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Help Centre” under Support.
  • Step #6: Type “How do I delete my account”, in the search panel.
  • Step #7: Select “How do I delete my account”.
  • Step #8: Now, tap the “Delete Your Account permanently” page.
  • Step #9: You may need to login on the web.
  • Step #10: From the drop-down menu, give them a reason why do you want to delete the Instagram account? If you do not select a reason, you can’t proceed further.
  • Step #11: To permanently delete your Instagram account on iPhone, re-enter the password of the Instagram account.
  • Step #12: Tap “Permanently delete my account” Link.

Watch Video Tutorial on How do I permanently delete my Instagram account from my iPhone?

In case, if you want to delete a different Instagram account permanently from iPhone, then go back to “Delete Your Account page” Link and Logout from the current account.

How to Reactivate Instagram Account after temporary disabling it on iPhone

Reactivating Instagram Account on iPhone after temporary disabling it, is not that complex if you’ve read the Instagram’s conditions on reactivating the temporarily disabled Instagram account. Have a look at some basics,

  • Your Instagram account can only be reactivated after a day or two of deactivation, since the deactivation process roughly 24 hours to deactivate and if you are reactivating before 24 hours of deactivation, of course, Instagram will show an error.
  • Make sure you are reactivating the Instagram account that has been temporarily disabled, and the time period of deactivating the Instagram account in more than one day.
  • It is not possible to reactivate the Instagram account that has been permanently deleted. If the Instagram Account has been permanently deleted then you would have to create a new account, and sadly you cannot retrieve any data from permanently deleted accounts.

Steps to reactivate your Instagram account on your iOS device

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Enter the username and password of the Instagram account that you would like to reactivate.
  3. Tap Login after entering the Instagram account credentials.

That would be all!

Now, the Instagram account will be restored and you will be redirected to the Instagram feed.

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