How to Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC

Apple iCloud online backup service does work to take backup of iOS device Apps including iCloud Photos library, Mail, Contacts, iCloud keychain, iCloud Drive and more. The server keeps data in a secure way as well accessible on same Apple ID and passcode, wherever the user wants through Online. Apple’s 5GB of free iCloud storage plan is very flexible to downgrade and upgrade iCloud storage. Still, you have hire-tire iCloud storage plan, and you seems that the Apple Free Storage plan is enough for you. Then you can do cancel iCloud billing, for that, you will have to go with the icloud free plan. Our below mentioned guide would help you to Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan. And yeah, you guys, you can do this on Apple iOS, Mac or Windows PC. If you are having one of them, let’s go down and get started to do.

Here given steps will show you just an example of how to go from purchased iCloud Storage to free 5GB of Space. Even though, also very easy to understand to decrease from 2TB to 1TB, from 200GB to 50GB and or relevant. Downgrade process will take effects after your current annual, or monthly iCloud subscription ends.

Key Points of effects after iCloud Storage Downgrade or to Free

→According to Apple, if you downgrade, cancel, or don’t renew iCloud storage plan. And your content exceeds the storage you have available.

→New photos and videos won’t upload to iCloud Photo Library.

→ iOS device stop backing up to iCloud.

→Your iCloud relevant Apps and iCloud drive auto stop to update across your Apple devices.

→Can’t send or receive a message with your iCloud email address.

The best solution is you should manage iCloud storage by deleting old backup, photos & video, files, and Delete Mail. Instead of iCloud storage, you can also take backup of your iPhone camera roll into these best third-party iOS Cloud Storage Apps.

Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan Using iPhone, iPad or iPod [iOS 9/iOS10/ iOS 11 or later]

Tips for iOS 11

We can see the option for Downgrade or Upgrade iCloud storage in alternate Two Different ways. That I have seen at here on my iPhone running on iOS 11.

1st Way

Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad > Tap on Profile name > Now, iCloud > Manage Storage > iCloud Storage (Tap on Change). Also see the Running active plan.

1 Manage Storage on iPhone Settings app with iOS 11

To upgrade, Select plan under Choose Upgrade.

OR Downgrade, Tap on Downgrade Options

2 Change iCloud Storage on iOS 11 settings app

Enter Account Password and Mange other lower storage options.

2nd Way

Go to the Settings > Account & Password.

4 iCloud Account manage from Settings iPhone app with iOS 11

See the iCloud option > Storage > Change Storage Plan

3 Manage Storage on iPhone

iOS 10.2.or earlier – we offer this steps which are performed by us in our lab on Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Open up Settings App- scroll down to iCloud – and tap on Storage.

iOS 10.3 or later

Step 1. Launch Settings App > Tap on [Your Name] appears above the Airplane Mode.

Tap on Apple ID settings in iOS 10.3 later iPhone iPad iPod touch

Step 2. Tap iCloud, then tap on visually iCloud Storage bar.

Step 3. Next, Select Change Storage Plan and scroll down the screen for Downgrade options.

Tap on iCloud storage bar iOS 10.3 or later

You’ll be asked to enter Apple ID Passcode to go to Manage option appear on the bottom on the message screen.

Downgrade icloud storage plan on iPhone iOS 10 or later

Step 4. Tap on Free and then hit on Done (appear upper-right side on screen) to save your changed plan.

Final Step to cancel iCloud subscription billing

Read On-screen instructions: You can Contact Apple within 15 days of an upgrade for a refund. [Credit–]

You’re done.

Change/ Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan on Mac

Still, you’re sitting in front on Apple iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air with running macOS Sierra, El Capitan, OS X Yosemite or Mavericks Operating System. You’d like to cancel your purchased iCloud Subscription and go back to initial Free plan. Let’s follow below explained Instructions. And yeah, you guys, don’t forget to read above given key points of what happens after downgrade Apple iCloud storage to free.

Step 1.Click on Apple logo appears top menu bar and choose System Preferences.

Apple logo to System Preferences on Macos Sierra

Step 2. Click on iCloud, Next see lower right corner and Click on Manage.

Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan on Mac

Step 3.Now click on Change Storage Plan appear upper-right corner onscreen.

Step 4. Click on Downgrade Options, you’ll be asked to Apple ID and Passcode.

Step 5. Go to Manage and Choose different Storage plan.

Step 6. In the end, Click Done to save your plan.

Choose different Apple iCloud Storage plan to Downgrade

It’s completed.

Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan on Windows PC

If you’re Window user, then learn bottom steps to Downgrade iCloud storage on PC.

  • Open iCloud app. (Download and Install, Available for Windows 10/ 8/ 7)
  • Login with iCloud Apple ID and Password.
  • Click on Storage Plan, Next hit on Buy More storage in the window pane.

Download icloud App on Windows 10 or later computer to Downgrade upgrade Storage

  • Now, Choose a plan for your needs and Activate by clicking on it. (For Upgrade or Downgrade)
  • Enter Verification password again to save the changes.
  • Click Done.

Do you encounter any error like downgrade iCloud storage not working or grayed out? Let us know in the comment below. We’ll help you to resolve. You also find us on Facebook and Direct on Twitter.

  • Gregory Bratton

    My iphone died. I am attempting to cancel my 50gb icloud account subscription from a Windows 10 PC. Despite many attempts and a call to Apple tech support, I can not get the icloud program to successfully sign in. Strangely, I can sign in just fine on a web browser. However, I can not locate the option to downgrade my icloud storage back to the 5gb this way. Any suggestions?

  • jaysukh patel

    have you tried using iCloud for Windows software? Available for windows 10.

    Check it, using Apple ID and Password that using for iCloud Web.

  • Gregory Bratton

    Yes. An apple technical support rep walked me through the whole process. We even tried several workarounds, such as creating a new Windows user, downloading iCloud for Windows onto that new user account and attempting to sign in from there. Didn’t work.

    If I use an incorrect password to sign in, it tells me, “Your Apple ID or password is incorrect.” If I use the correct password, it says, “This action could not be completed. Try again.”

    At this point, I’m not even trying to fix this anymore. I’m just trying to downgrade my iCloud back to 5gb so I am not charged every month. Is there a number I can call or a way to speak to someone at Apple who can do this?

    Thank you for your assistance.