How to Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan on iPhone, iPad

Tips for the, how to downgrade iCloud Storage plan on iPhone, iPad and all iOS 8, iOS 7 & earlier iOS devices. If you want reduce your cost concern iCloud Storage plan then you can do it by doing downgrade your current iCloud Storage plan. I recommend to you if, you’ve no need more then 5GB data Storage then you should go down for less iCloud plan Storage. At bellow you can get the tips for Downgrade iCloud storage Plan on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac, PC.

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Downgrade iCloud Storage Plan Using iPhone, iPad or iPod – iOS 8, iOS 7  

Step 1.

For, iOS 8 Users –

Go to, Settings >> iCloud >> Storage

For, iOS 7 or earlier version iOS users

Settings >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup

Step 2.

Tap on Change Storage Plan

Step 3.

Tap on Downgrade Options and enter your Apple ID.

Step 4.

Choose Different plan to use when your exit Storage plan expire.

Step 5.

Tap on Done button   

Using Mac you can also Downgrade your iCloud Storage plan- OS X Yosemite, Mavericks

Step 1.

Click on Apple logo >> System Preferences >> last Click on iCloud

Step 2.

In the lower right-corner, Click on Manage

Step 3.

Now at upper-right corner side click, on Change Storage plan

Step 4.

Click on Downgrade Options

Step 5.

Enter your proper Apple ID Password and Click on Manage

Step 6.

Choose different Storage plan to use when your exit Storage plan expire.

Step 7.

Click Done

For, Window User –

If you’re Window user then follow beneath steps to Downgrade iCloud storage plan

  • Open iCloud app
  • Next open iCloud control panel Click, Manage
  • Click on Change Storage plan
  • Click on Downgrade Options
  • Enter your Apple ID password and then click Manage.
  • Choose different Storage plan to use when your exit Storage plan expire.
  • Click Done

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Learn more iCloud related Tips by text into the search box of our site. I hope you’ll easily downgrade your costly iCloud storage plan. Leave your beautiful replay in the comment box even on this tip how to downgrade iCloud storage plan on iPhone, iPad and iPod.


  1. Mr. Patel, your instructions are great. Unfortunately, when a user wants to cancel an iCloud storage plan using the “Downgrade Options”, IT DOES NOT LET YOU. It is as if they are forcing us to keep paying for a service we don’t want – basically like a virus or something. Do you know anything to do to get around this? Have you experienced this before and is this normal? If so, why have they not yet been sued?


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