How to Upgrade iCloud Storage Plans on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC

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Let’s Check iCloud+ Plans Price and Way to Upgrade iCloud Plan to iCloud+ on iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And Apple gives 5 GB Free of charge data storage service, whenever you sign in to iCloud for the first time. I think it’s a jock if you’ve enabled on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Auto backup as well Mail, iCloud Photo, Whatsapp backup, and moreover, your purchased items like Music, Movie, Books don’t count against free storage. Therefore definitely 5 GB Storage has nothing right. But you can upgrade your iCloud Storage plan by Price, from 5GB to 50 GB, 200 GB, 2TB. By selecting the right plan, you can increase your default iCloud storage plan using iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or PC.

Note – After upgrading your existing plan will be canceled and you’ll be charged the protected cost for upgrade the iCloud storage. [Cost = higher tier plan – the projected cost of the earlier plan]

Plan update instantly and it’ll notify the user before seven days of the payment due date of payment in each month. Your storage upgrade is billed every month unless canceled by downgrading the storage plan. By buying more iCloud storage you can get more cloud space to backup much data than your Free or low-tire plan.

Several basic Key Points you should know before buying more iCloud Storage

→Family sharing– you may have a question that the, is iCloud Storage is also shared in iOS Family Sharing? No, Apple does not let you share iCloud storage between devices (Family members). Certain purchased items that we can’t share including Ringtones, Audiobooks, in-App purchases, Subscriptions, iTunes Match and iCloud Storage.

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→Can I buy iCloud Storage for someone else? Yes, just using Apple ID and Passcode of he/she (ask them for Apple ID and Passcode) you can purchase online data storage of Apple. For Payment (annual or monthly), you must be required a Credit/ debit card or iTunes store card to increase iCloud storage space. And Yes, You cannot buy iCloud storage using an Apple Store gift card.
→iCloud Storage Pricing is in most of the countries pay in its local currency. But, in some regions in the world user will have to bill in USA dollars.
→You guys: Keep remembers, buying more iCloud storage Online means, it doesn’t expand the capacity of your phone. For example, you bought 64-Gb iPhone then storage memory space was fixed when you bought it. So for you, External Flash Drive is an alternative solution to keep your phone space free up.

if we need to use iCloud storage with family sharing then you should be required to upgrade the plan from 200GB or 2TB. let’s see how to upgrade the iCloud plan on iPhone?

Anytime we can downgrade iCloud Storage on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

What is iCloud+ Plans Price?

  1. 50GB: $0.99 with one HomeKit Secure Video camera & No Family Sharing
  2. 200GB: $2.99 with Five HomeKit Secure Video camera & Family Sharing
  3. 2TB: $9.99 with Unlimited HomeKit Secure Video camera & Family Sharing check Price in Other countries UK, Singapore, ireland, NZ, australia,

iCloud+ Plus Plan comes in all Security, and Privacy features Like Private Relay, Hide My Email.

Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan on iPhone, iPad [iOS 15 or Earlier]

For iOS 15

iOS 15 or later iOS and iPadOS users can upgrade the icloud plan with Privacy features. Let’s check how to activate iCloud+ Plan on iPhone. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Tap on Profile name. Next, click on iCloud.upgrade-icloud-plan-to-icloud-on-iphone
  2. Click on Manage Storage > See New Plans for Upgrade to Basic plan or Change new Plan that supports Family sharing [iCloud Data and Service shared with Family members added in Family sharing]. upgrade-icloud-plan-on-iphone-for-icloud-plus
  3. That’s it.
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How to Upgrade icloud Storage From Browser! Can I?

Apple officially doesn’t support iCloud storage upgrade from Browser on Mac or PC.

  • But Mac users can do it from the System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage option.
  • and PC users can use iCloud setup. Download iCloud on Windows PC and Manage with your iCloud account.

Upgraded icloud Storage But still says full

Ideally, as per my past experience on icloud Plan change, after few seconds we can see the free and used iCloud space on an Apple device that’s signed in with the same apple id. [Settings > Profile name > iCloud > See Free space].


If the changes are not showing then Force close the app and Re-check on the Device settings app. and internet connection.

Check Apple Server Status, Service outage might be a delay in using your iCloud space & service [Backup, Restore].

Payment is not Validate by your Bank or Apple payment system. In that can contact apple support online.

For iOS 14/iOS 13/iOS 12/iOS 11:

Launch Settings App -> Tap on Profile name -> iCloud > Manage Storage > Change Storage Plan

1 Change Storage Plan on iPhone, iPad in iOS 11

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Tap on Change Button link,

1 Change iCloud Plan on iPhone Settings

Select New Plan and Tap on Buy at upper right corner of the screen,

2 Select Plan and Buy iCloud Storage on iPhone

Tap on Continue for Verification payment, You Need to enter CVV number again,

3 Continue to Payment Verification and Upgrade iCloud

Tap on Buy, And Purchase done.

4 Buy iCloud Storage plan on iPhone

New iOS 11, Alternate option PayPal is available into use in App Store, iTunes Store available. Just go to your Account settings and payment method, add new Paypal account and Verify it.

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Now we can use PayPal for purchase Apple Services.

iOS 10.2.or earlier – we offer this guide which is done in our lab on Apple iPhone 7.

Open up Settings App– scroll down to iCloud – and tap on Storage.

iOS 10.3 or later

Step 1. Launch Settings App > Tap on [Your Name] appears above the Airplane Mode.

Tap on Apple ID settings in iOS 10.3 later iPhone iPad iPod touch

Step 2. Tap iCloud, then tap on visually iCloud Storage bar.

Step 3. Next, Tap Change Storage Plan or buy more storage and select a Plan and tap on Buy.

Tap on iCloud storage bar iOS 10.3 or later

You’ll be asked to enter Apple ID & Passcode to Upgrade iCloud storage plan.

Follow up the on-screen instructions and complete the process. You’re done.

Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan On macOS Catalina or Earlier [macOS Sierra, EI Capitan, Os X Yosemite and earlier]

Step 1. First of all, take your cursor on Apple Menu and Select System Preferences

Apple logo to System Preferences on Macos Sierra

Step 2. Next, go to Apple ID at top right corner of the screen of System Preferences.

Apple ID on System Preferences on Mac for iCloud Space
Apple ID on System Preferences on Mac for iCloud Space

Now Go with the iCloud on sidebar. On iCloud Preference pane, Find Manage button bottom corner of the screen.

Option for Manage iCloud storage
Option for Manage iCloud storage

Note: macOS Mojave and Earlier MacOS can access iCloud option directly under the System Preferences.

Buy iCloud Storage
Buy iCloud Storage

Step 3. Click on, Buy More Storage Plan or Change Storage Plan.

Buy More iCloud Storage on Mac
Buy More iCloud Storage on Mac

Step 4. Choose an upgrade plan, then click next and enter your Apple ID and password.

If you already bought an extra iCloud storage, but still iCloud storage upgrade not showing then please you should contact Apple Support.

Steps to Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan on Windows PC

If you’re Window user, then learn bottom steps to Downgrade iCloud storage on PC.

  1. Open iCloud app. (Download and Install, Available for Windows 10/ 8/ 7)
  2. Login with iCloud Apple ID and Password.
  3. Click on Storage Plan, Next hit on Buy More storage in the window pane.
  4. Now, Choose a plan for your needs and Activate it by clicking on it. (For Upgrade or Downgrade)
  5. Enter Verification password again to save the changes.
  6. Click Done.

That’s it. If you’re a Windows OS user, then go for Windows OS upgrade iCloud Storage plan. Please drop your message in the comment box and tell us how to help with this tip. You also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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