How To Download YouTube Videos on iPhone, Mac in 2024

Here's the Ways to Play Youtube Video offline, Once Downloaded YouTube Video on iPhone, iPad, or Mac using a Free app or Using Service.

The iOS Youtube App has made everything easier for us to stream videos when connected to the internet. But what happens when the internet is slower or not working at all.  

And that’s where people search for how to download Youtube videos on iPhones and play offline. Is this the same query for you? Are you searching for the easiest way to download a youtube video on an iPhone? Read the guide below. 

Easy Methods to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Here in this article, we will introduce some of the trusted and legal ways to download Youtube videos on iPhone. In the end, I have also covered how to download YouTube videos to computer?

Method 1: Download Videos With Youtube Premium

With Youtube Premium, you can download videos on your iPhone at the cost of almost $ 11.99 per month. Keep note the video will be stored on Youtube instead of your phone. To know the process of how to do so, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to the Youtube App on your iPhone.
  2. Search for video in the search field. 
  3. Tap on the Download Button at the bottom of the video. 
Launch the YouTube app tap on download select download on iPhone

4. To find where the YouTube videos are downloaded, click on the Library Button from the bottom > Downloads. That’s It!

Select library tap downloads see the downloaded video in download option on iPhone

Method 2: How To Download Youtube Videos On iPhone

As of now and forever, downloading Youtube Videos on iPhone or other Apple Devices is tricky. Since Apple’s Privacy Policy is quite strict. But worry not, as we have mentioned, the easiest solution. 

Download FoxFm

  1. First of all, download the FoxFm on your device from the App Store.
  2. After the completion of downloading, select Menu Icon > Browser > Youtube.
  1. Search for the desired video and play it. Up next, you instantly receive a pop-up; click Download > Down Arrow from the bottom menu.
  1. On the Download Link page, click on the Three Horizontal Dots next to the video. Click Download. Select Video Quality. For confirmation, tap on Down Arrow and your video downloading. And See the Downloading process; wait to complete it.
  1. Once the downloading is finished, click on the Menu Icon from the top right corner. Select All Medias > Tap on Three Horizontal Dots next to downloaded video > Share
  1. Select Save Video. After a Few seconds, Open the Photos app and Find the Downloaded Youtube Video.

That’s It! The video you have downloaded will be visible in the Photos App. Another method to download YT Video Using Browser on iPhone/iPad & Mac/PC.

Method 3: Download YouTube Videos from Safari without Local Storage Space on iPhone, iPad

If there is no storage space on your iPhone, that doesn’t allow you to download apps. Worry not; you can use this website to download Youtube videos for free on your iPhone.  

  1. in YouTube app in iOS, Now search for the desired video in the search field.
  2. Now tap on the Share icon at the bottom of the video.
  3. Choose Copy Link option.
Launch the youtube app tap share click copy link on iPhone
  1. Now, Open safari browser.
  2. Navigate to  on safari.
  3. In the Paste Video Link Here… field, paste the link in the field.
Open safari past the link form youtube video on iPhone

(Note – wait for a few seconds to load the screen; sometimes many tabs open after clicking on the download button, so close all those tabs and come back to the main tab to download YouTube videos. After four to five tries, you will get the download option successfully); in short, Try and try to be successful.

7. Let the screen load the result. From the result screen, scroll screen to search and tap the Download Button next to your desired resolution.

  1. Tap on Download in a pop-up screen.
  2. Now tap the down arrow icon next to the aA button in the search bar.
Tap on Download mp4 video with sound Click on Download From the Pop-up Confirmation tap arrow icon on iPhone
  1. Here, choose the Downloads setting.
  2. So, the final screen is for enjoying offline YouTube videos on Safari. You can see all the downloaded videos there. 
  3. On this screen, you can watch the videos offline. To go back, tap on the Done button.
Tap on downloads Downloaded video with sound tap see video on iPhone

Once the download is finished, tap on the video. Choose Share Icon > Share Video. The video will be visible in the Photos App.

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Bottom Line

It’s fair to say; downloading Youtube videos for free on an iPhone is tough. But after performing any of the ways mentioned in the above article, you can realize that downloading high-quality YouTube videos on iPhone isn’t expensive.

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