iPhone 15 Cellular Data Not Working? 11 Ways to Fix it

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We have some important troubleshooting tips that fix iPhone 15 cellular connectivity issues. Or having issues on use Mobile data on iPhone with slow speed internet or iPhone 15 not connecting to cellular data mostly affected device. Most of the people are aware of the issues and solutions for that from online forums or support pages. But not help from anywhere, you first read the below points first, Skip points that you have done to fix for Apple iPhone 15 mobile data that’s not working.

  1. Update Network Settings
  2. Turn off & Turn on Cellular Data from Settings and VoLTE as well (Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Toggle off/On). next Turn off and Turn on VoLTE Data (Settings > Settings->Cellular->Cellular Data options->Voice & Data->LTE, VoLTE Off and VoLTE On toggle)
  3. Reset Network Setting
  4. Hard Reboot your iPhone 15 Pro to that is an answer to how do I fix cellular data on my iPhone 15 Pro?
  5. Check for iPhone 15 System Firmware Update
  6. Contact Carrier company: Check account status; it might be overdue or stuck on document validation.
  7. Weak signal, Slow internet: or Internet is dropping on Cellular Data connection Stop auto backup in iCloud. Settings app > Tap Profile name > Click iCloud > iCloud Backup > Off.
  8. Jail Broken Devices
  9. Restore iPhone to Factory Reset; three ways to Erase iPhone 15 to Factory settings, Erase all the Data and Settings from iPhone, Restore using iTunes, Force Restore after put iPhone into recovery mode. [Backup your iPhone on iTunes Before Erase iPhone]
  10. My iPhone Could Not Activate Cellular Data network
  11. Cellular Data Canโ€™t turn for Some apps; Mobile data is dibbled for the app-specific, Check inside settings app on iPhone > Cellular Data or mobile data > Scroll down and find app name โ€œTurn the toggle on to use mobile data for the app“.

Why is my iPhone 15 Pro not connecting to cellular data? Fix Your Phone data problem quickly

Video guide to fix Why is my cellular data not working on iPhone?

1. Update Network Settings

Mostly old iPhone network settings can create a problem like iPhone 15 cellular data issues, if you are outside your country, you switched to another carrier, might be you have not compatible carrier settings when you come back to the local network.

  • Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Next, Tap on General
  • Now scroll down the screen and tap on Carrier.
  • In any network settings available for you, then a popup will appear on your Phone screen.
  • Click on Update to start the process. and try to connect your iPhone 15 to mobile data. I hope this will fix issues.

Also, Check that your VoTE should be turned on and Not should to be stuck inside the settings. For that fix,

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap Cellular
  3. Click on Cellular Data Toggle off/On the toggle to green.
  4. tap Enable LTE

Or go with the bottom steps:

  1. Open Settings App
  2. Click on Mobile Data
  3. Now tap Enable LTE

2. Turn Airplane mode or Reset Network settings

After Turn on/ Off Airplane mode, the Network will be reconfigured with your iPhone. Might be issued will be resolved after that.

2 Turn on Airplane mode on iPhone XR

Or Try Reset network settings,

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone
  • Tap General
  • Scroll down the screen till the end and tap Reset.
  • Tap on โ€œReset Network Settingsโ€.
3 Reset Network Settings on iPhone XR

3. Hard Reboot your iPhone 15 Pro

How do I fix my iPhone 15 Pro LTE? or are your Phone is not connecting to LTE? Please follow the hard reset steps mentioned below to resolve your iPhone 15 Pro cellular data issues.

Read my instructions on how do you force restart an iPhone 15 Pro?

  1. Quickly press and release the volume up button,
  2. Now, Quickly Press and release the volume down button.
  3. Now, Only press and Hold side button until your iPhone 15 Pro screen goes completely black screen. And after that, your iPhone mobile will start automatically with the Apple logo screen. if it iPhone 15 Pro won’t turn on then you should use the side button to turn it on.Force Restart iPhone XS max won't turn on

Slow Internet speed on Mobile Date: Check out how to set a limit mobile data on iPhone.

4: Check for latest firmware Update

This workaround will help you to fix for Apple iPhone 15 Pro mobile data that’s not working. Apple releases a small update for the affected device like this all the time. If this is a real bug in iOS, you will get fixed after iOS update your iPhone.

Go with my recommended steps; for this, your device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network [because of the tech brand Apple doesn’t Allow software update Apple iOS/ipadOS devices with mobile data].

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Tap General
  3. Click on Software Update. [latest available firmware is iOS 13.6 and iOS 14 beta or later]
  4. Check for updates, Download, and install.

5. Contact Carrier Company

Your Carrier stops cellular Connection. There are too many reasons like Your Bill is overdue, Outdated, Over the Limit and You need to renew your Cellular Data plan.

  • Just ask the company on a Tall free number, what are the reasons.
  • During journey time your mobile signal will weak. So
  • Weak Signal on Travel time mostly Drop the internet connection or slow down. Be patient and wait until a single boost.

6. Device JailBroken and Third-Party app is the issue

Unjailbreak your Device or Remove unused apps that running in Background or open.

#7. SIM Damaged, Not Fix on SIM tray

At least check SIM installed properly. Use the SIM eject tool and setup sim. In the case of SIM Damage, You can request a new SIM to Carrier company.

#8. no cellular option on iPhone

if you facing like no cellular option on iPhone, don’t bother, Just click on this link (no cellular option on iPhone) to get the complete guide to getting the LTE option back on your iPhone.

#9. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

The Erase all the Data and Settings using iTunes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on Mac or PC.

The problem is too old and nothing helps then try to install New Update iOS on the iPhone. Restore procedure is the best way to short out serious issues like Network issues, Freezing, and Software glitch the heating up and more. Let’s begin. macOS Catalina or Later users on Mac can use Finder for Backup and Restore iOS/iPadOS. Earlier Mac users and Windows users can use iTunes for Update and Restore iPhone/iPad.

  • Open Finder/iTunes on Mac/PC. Connect your iPhone/iPad Using a Lightning cable and unlock with a passcode. Your device will appear on Finder/iTunes.
  • Click on Device icon > Device Summary.
  • On Device Summary > Find out the โ€œiPhone Restoreโ€ button. Click on it. First, iTunes erases the device, Downloads the latest Firmware, and installs it.
  • Wait for the time until you see a new iPhone setup screen.

Donโ€™t be panic during installation time; the iPhone will reboot several times.

Wrap up

if you looking for how can I increase my mobile signal strength on iPhone? you should try these best ideas to boost mobile signal strength on iPhone.

Still no in help from all the above fixes, I recommend visiting the Apple store or book appointment online. that can aware of you, what are the issues are rolling out from the official desk. Also, get a free 1 Year Device replacement and Repair advantage from Apple. Please Mention in a comment your suggestions and helpful tips.

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