How to Get the SWIPE UP Feature WITHOUT 10K Followers (Free HACK!)

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020There is no denying that Instagram is a good platform to step-up and promote your business, websites, YouTube channel, or anything. Everybody is posting stories, to redirect the followers to their business, with a Swipe Up option. But what is the Swipe Up feature on Instagram? Can you use the Swipe Feature on Instagram? Or what are the requirements to use Swipe Up feature on Instagram? There are loads of questions about the Instagram Swipe Up feature. Eventually, to all these questions, I’ll answer in one single line, “To Use Instagram Swipe Up Feature, the Instagram Account Must have Minimum 10k Followers”.

On the other side, for the start-ups, it’s a bit challenging to achieve such a great fan following and attract the audience towards your project. Limitations apart, in this tutorial I’ll walk you through, how to get swipe up feature without 10k followers on Instagram, it is a kind of hack, no need to worry about anything.

How to Get Instagram Swipe Up Feature with less than 10k Followers

Step 1: Make Sure You Have IGTV Channel or Create One

The IGTV account is the first step towards getting the Swipe Up feature without having 10,000 followers for your business or personal account. You can create IGTV Channel by downloading the dedicated IGTV app for your respective phone.

  1. Download the IGTV App.
  2. Once the IGTV app is installed, log in with your Instagram ID.
  3. The very next screen will be the IGTV app displaying various IGTV Videos, tap on Settings Gear. If you don’t see Settings icon, then swipe up to bring the Search bar, as the Settings Cog is next to the Search bar.
  4. Then tap Create Channel.
  5. Read the on-screen guidelines, and a brief introduction to IGTV, tap Next.
  6. The last Built for a vertical slide is where you’ve to tap on Create Channel to end the process.
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That’s all with the IGTV App, now you can operate the IGTV Channel from the default Instagram app, there is no need for IGTV App.

Step 2: Create a Minimum of 15 Seconds Video Clip

  1. Why create a Video Clip? You may have this question in mind; I’ll explain how this works, but for now, let’s create a video clip minimum of 15 seconds.
  2. If you want to promote YouTube Video, then you can record a clip describing what’s in the YouTube Video that you are going to share later. While recording the clip, make sure to point your finger at the top-right screen and ask them to tap on the button to open your YouTube Video. Skip to Step 3 (Post the Video Clip in IGTV), if you have recorded the video and don’t want to make any static video.
  3. For business promotions, you can use designing software like Canva to create a post. Canva has a wide range of templates that is specifically made available for Instagram Posts, Stories, etc. So I’d recommend Canva.
  4. To attract more audiences, decorate the template with your brand and maybe a slogan or message. Later, on the upper-left screen, add a text like Tap here to watch the video, we call it as a call-to-action Save the image.
  5. Now, you’ll have to use that photo to make 15 seconds static clip. Go for any video editing software, and do it.

Step 3: Post the Video Clip in IGTV

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Tap on the IGTV icon near the Direct Message.
  3. Select Upload Video.
  4. Find the Video Clip that you created in Step 2 and tap Next.
  5. Fill the Title section with a short sentence like, CLICK HERE TO OPEN, you can add Down Arrow to decoration purpose.
  6. Then Paste the YouTube Video link or any link in the Description.
  7. Tap Post on the top-right corner.
  8. Check the IGTV Video, from your profile.
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Step 4: Put the IGTV as an Instagram Story

  1. From the Instagram App, tap on Your Story option on the upper-left screen of the Instagram feed.
  2. You can add a photo or image representing your business followed by Swipe Up to Watch Video or Visit the Link, then tap on the Link option between the Emoji and Sticker icons.
  3. Tap IGTV Video and the IGTV Video will appear that you have posted earlier, select it, and hit Done.

This is all about you getting the Swipe Up feature without 10K followers on the Instagram app.

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