How to Make Transition Video on TikTok in 2024

While TikTok lets you add versatile effects, and songs, there is one more thing you are missing, guess what? Its the Transition Effects. Dozens of transition effects are available to use with TikTok Video, whether you have recorded the video or uploaded the photos/video, as a TikTok, adding Transitions effects is pretty simple. The TikTok transitions should be added in such a way that it won’t damage the entire video, instead, the TikTok video must look great. However, if you are a beginner to this, take a few trials, understand how this feature works, add the best set of transition effects and then only post it.

Plus, in a single TikTok video, you can add more than one transition to create a perfect shot and momentum on the video. Once you start with making transition videos on TikTok, it won’t be difficult to choose between the different effects. Later when you are done with all the editing procedures, save as Draft or Post to your TikTok account.

How to Add Transition Effects to TikTok Video

  1. Go to the TikTok App on your phone.
  2. Now you have to create TikTok Video, as usual, tap on Plus (+) icon.
  3. To begin recording, touch, and hold the Red Record button until you are done with recording TikTok Video.
  4. Tap on the right tick.
  5. Then select the Effects option on the lower-left corner.
  6. Choose Transition
  7. Now, what you have to do is, move the slider to the video frame from where you want to show transition effects.
  8. After positioning the slider, touch and hold the Transition effect to and examine whether the video frame is highlighting or not. The highlighted video frame shows that you have applied the transition to that portion.
  9. To revert changes, hit Cancel.
  10. TikTok lets you add as many as transitions to the TikTok Video.
  11. On the top-right screen tap Save.
  12. Once you are done with everything, add description or hashtags, tag your friends and Post or Save as Draft the TikTok Video.
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