How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone 15, 14 (iOS 17.3.1)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your iPhone number unknown, which will allow you to block your caller ID from being shown to others. This method is customizable, meaning that you can choose to hide or unhide your caller ID whenever you want. If you do not want to display your phone number during calls, you can turn off the outbound Caller ID in the Phone settings. If you are not tech-savvy and want to make private calls, you have come to the right place, as I will guide you through the process of making private calls on your iPhone.

Before we start, let’s discuss Caller ID. Why would a consumer want to hide their caller ID number? Is this feature available on all iPhone models?

Sometimes users choose to hide their caller ID intentionally. However, this feature can also be used when making inquiries, such as updating an account or returning a work call for personal use. Many people also use it when getting quotes from car dealers, as they do not want to share their numbers with third parties. Now, let’s take a look at how to activate this feature.

Guide to Make Call Private on your iPhone with Step-by-Step

Step #1- Go to the Settings App on your Phone Home Screen.
Step #2- Scroll down the screen Tap Phone.

Launch the settings app tap phone on iPhone

Step #3- Tap on Show My Caller ID appears. Now turn trigger Show My Caller ID Off/Gray.

Tap on show my caller id toggle next to show my caller ID is enabled on iPhone

Note: Show my Caller ID Greyed out, which means your carrier is not providing this facility. In such cases, you should contact your carrier service center or via carrier web support.

The alternative is that you can download and install third-party apps to hide Caller ID or use temporary burner numbers and, for a long time, Private numbers.

That’s simple.


If you want to hide your caller ID when making a call on an iPhone, follow these steps: Go to Settings, click on Phone, and turn off Show My Caller ID. If it’s already turned off, but your caller ID still isn’t hidden, try hard restarting your phone.

However, if your carrier doesn’t allow you to turn off Show My Caller ID, the option will be greyed out, and you won’t be able to hide your caller ID.

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