How to increase security in iPhone and iPad, iPhone 6 and 5S [crucial]

Set Browser security in iPhone

Business, Professional iPhone and iPad users are always searching, How to increase security in iPhone and iPad to protect useful business and profile data in personal iPhone and iPad. Jailbroken iPhone and iPad made security level down as compare to normal iOS device.  After jailbreak your iOS, hackers can cheat your data from your iOS device very easily. To increase jailbreak iOS device protection you have to change jailbreak root password also (given in below).

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Below 5 basic tips helps to increase security in iPhone and iPad

1, Set Passcode lock in your iOS device

Set Passcode to access your iPhone and iPad is primary security steps. Using this, you can protect yourself from unknown people that might be your friends or unknown guys.  Passcode lock protects data by delete data by your child also.

You can set it in 4 digit numeric code as Passcode number. (Given in below screen)

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Here you can set Passcode to boost security in iPhone and iPad

Screen 1

Tap on setting icon from app browser, and select Touch ID and Password.

Screen 2

In your next screen, scroll down and Tap on “Turn Passcode On”.

Screen 3

If you want to set Passcode for more that 4 character that disable Simple Passcode toggle.

Screen 4

Now you can set more than four characters (complex password) as your iPhone and iPad Passcode.

Screen 5

In below screen 5 you have to set prefer auto lock time in your iPhone, iPad. You can set it for one minute to five minute.

Go setting > General

Move in down and tap Auto-lock.

Set Passcode at home screen in iPhone, iPad
Set Passcode at home screen in iPhone, iPad

After selected this option, your screen will lock automatically on your iPhone, iPad screen time-out duration.

2. Find your lost iPhone and iPad

Apple ID meets your lost iPhone and iPad, using registered apple ID you can track your any register iOS device over world map with direction.

Lost mode functionality gives more chance to get any lost mobile easily. When your mobile away from your location, you will received auto alert mail in your inbox.

Here, you can get all steps to set lost iPhone, iPad recover options with all screen.

Screen 1

Go on settings > iCloud

Screen 2

Login with registered Apple ID

Enable toggle for Find my iPhone for iPhone settings.


Enable toggle for Find my iPad for iPad settings.

Screen 3

In this screen you will track your iOS device on map spot. For that GO:, than login with your register Apple ID.

Note: Your lost device has been also registered on that Apple ID.

You can put message, when iPhone and iPad lost mode is on.

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Screen 4

Activation lock features in iPhone and iPad, gives text message on your iPhone and iPad home screen. If your message with alternate number have more change to get your lost iOS device.

First steps to increase security in iPhone and iPad : Find lose iOS device
First steps to increase security in iPhone and iPad : Find lose iOS device

3. Keep up-to-date data backup in your iPhone and iPad

Some time your data in iOS device might be more important than value of your iOS device. Data security in iPhone and Pad make healthy, when your iOS device lose or hack by unknown people.

Useful: How to increase security in jailbroken iOS device. Because jailbroken easily hacked by common password in root of OS.

Screen 1

Go for setting > iCloud from iPhone and iPad app browser.

Screen 2

Turn on option to get backup all data for selected app. Given in below screen. Here data backup options turn on for contacts and safari apps.

Keep Data Secure in Your iOS device, iPhone, iPad
Keep Data Secure in Your iOS device, iPhone, iPad

All data backup will be stores in secure apple’s free 5GB cloud space for all users. But you can upgrade it with payout offer easily.

4. Enable security in iPhone and iPad Browser

Browsing security is the most important part of security in iPhone and iPad. In browsing security you have multiple options regarding to privacy of your personal information over internet.

To enable all settings options given in below screen,

Screen 1

Go settings > Scroll below tap on safari

Screen 2

Below settings for safari you must have to do on pop ups, Do not track, Browser cookies, Website warning and performance.

Pop ups add may contain harmful virus and tracking code for your iOS device.

Numbers of sites are available only for tracking purpose, that will gain all information on your geographic location, personal information act. So enable Do no track option with toggle button.

Cookies have much benefit for users, but drawback will ahead as compare to benefits. It will increase website page load speed. But Cookies will store all basic information of users easily in browser. At that time hackers can crack this, and hack your iPhone and iPad easily.

To prevent from cookies, you must have to Block Cookies.

Harmful code in safari browser will alert with enabling option for Fraudulent Website Warning.

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Set Browser security in iPhone and iPad
Set Browser security in iPhone and iPad

5. Change jailbreak iOS device root password

Jailbreak iOS device always loose security in iPhone and iPad, it’s hence, jailbreak root password is common for all iOS device. So, we must have to update default password from your iPhone and iPad.

To get more information on jailbreak root password and how to change root password get here.

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Conclusion: I hope you done. (Enable or disable option for security in iPhone and iPad) in this tutorial I share idea on to increase security in iPhone and iPad. Now you will enjoy with your iOS device for your business and professional usage.

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