How to stop WhatsApp Saving images and videos to iPhone Camera roll

Millions of people using WhatsApp on iPhone and iPad, you can enjoy chatting in free of coast over worldwide. But WhatsApp has some problem on automatically downloading and saving photos to iPhone Camera Roll. Some large video or picture spot on your iPhone and iPad decrease storage capacity on day by day.

Most of the people haven’t an idea on how its possible, WhatsApp images and video showing in Media player and image viewer automatically. It hence is that when you see picture and videos in WhatsApp than WhatsApp automatically saved photos and videos to your iPhone and iPad memory.

The WhatsApp auto-save option makes free space on your iPhone and iPad. WhatsApp built-in option helps to optimize space automatically.

After done settings on your iPhone and iPad doesn’t store or keep download or fetched video and images from your WhatsApp message

Most natural way to stop WhatsApp Saving images and videos to iPhone Camera roll

disable auto save whatsapp picture and videos on iPhone

Steps to disable or stop autosave option in WhatsApp images and videos in iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap on Settings tab looks like a Gear icon appear lower-right on the screen.

Step 3: Tap on Chat, then Turn toggle Off next to Save to Camera Roll.

Tap on Chat Settings of Whatsapp

From now, your iPhone Camera roll won’t save Photos and videos automatically that you receive in Whatsapp.

stop saving WhatsApp images and videos on iPhone Camera roll


What you have to do, to avoid image and video from WhatsApp on your iPhone and iPad?

After disabling auto-saving option in your WhatsApp, you have to do a manual operation to save images and videos on your iPhone and iPad.

Here is the step, to save media file on your iPhone and iPad manually.

Step #1. Tap and hold on image and video from your WhatsApp message that you want to download and save on your iPhone and iPad.

Step #2. Now you have to select share option at the bottom, left-hand of your iOS devise screen.

After that, you can see one popup menu on your screen, with saving image/video option.

Tap on it, To save that file on your iPhone and iPad manually as a camera roll.

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Conclusion:  To stop WhatsApp Saving images and videos to iPhone Camera roll, iPad has many advantages ahead.

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