How to Install SNES Emulator on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 16.3.1/14

I’m dedicating this article especially to the 90s people who loved to play games like Super Mario. Still, unfortunately, the new generation of battle games has taken over the world with advanced technology, discriminating against retro games. On another note, we don’t understand why Apple isn’t adding Emulator apps to the App Store to bring back the old days. Nevertheless, we can’t do anything except keep faith in Apple, that one-day Emulator apps will officially be available in the App Store with no harm to the iPhone and iPad.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for that long until Apple officially releases the emulator apps in the App Store, when you can download and play retro games on iPhone to bring around the old days. This post will learn how to install a SNES emulator on your iPhone, iPad running iOS 14 without jailbreak.

How to Install SNES Emulator on iPad, iPhone

  1. Visit the following link on your iPhone, iPad browser, to download the Happy Chick.
  2. Install the Happy Chick Emulator on the phone.
  3. When Pop-up appears, tap Install.
  4. Close the browser and wait until the Happy Chick downloads.
  5. Note: If you are downloading Happy Chick, the progress bar might be stuck. So don’t panic, within no time the download will be completed.
  6. Once the Happy Chick downloads, you’ll have to manually give access to the app to use on iPhone.
  7. Open Settings.
  8. Tap General.
  9. Scroll down and go to Profile.
  10. Find the profile, usually named as Developer’s name, OKNO STIL, TOO, tap on it, and Trust.
  11. When pop-up asks you to Trust, confirm.
  12. Now launch the Happy Chick app on your iOS device.
  13. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  14. If you would like to give location access, then tap Allow. Though, it is not necessary to sign for location access, simply tap Don’t Allow.
  15. Now you can explore and download the games on iPhone, iPad.
  16. On the top-right corner, tap on the Gaming Controller icon to find games according to category.
  17. Don’t get confused, in this application, SNES is preferred as SFC.
  18. That’s It! You can play any retro game on Happy Chick SNES Emulator for iPhone and iPad.
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