Top 5 Retro Console Emulators for iPhone in 2023

best Retro Console Emulators for iPhone

Till now we were so dependent on Cydia, to download an unofficial app that is not available in the App Store. Most iOS users use Cydia just to download Emulators, however, from now on you don’t have to download any additional app, with the release of emulators available on the web, it takes nearly 4-5 minutes to download and install the emulators on iPhone and iPad. We have rounded up the 5 best retro console emulators for iPhone and iPad, all the consoles are best; you can choose to download whichever you want as per your requirement.

On the positive side, it’s a huge relief for Apple users, that they don’t have to jailbreak or download any unofficial app to install the emulator. Follow this detailed tutorial on how to install the emulator on the iPhone, iPad. It will definitely give you a proper idea of how it works if you are new to this.

Best Retro Consoles Emulators for iPhone

#1. GBA4iOS- Game Boy Advance Emulator

GBA4iOS is one of the best time-honored retro gaming consoles consisting of all the popular Gameboy games, like Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and few Nintendo games. It offers advanced features including multiplayer, one-click play, lets you create your own maps, cloud server hosting, fast downloads, and more.

Plus, you can add ROMs, in addition to the games already present in the emulator. That said, GBA4iOS is compatible with up to iOS 9 for better performance, for iOS 10 or later, you can check the Delta emulator.

#2. Delta – an iOS multi-System Emulator

Delta comes from the same developer as GBA4iOS, say it is an advanced version of GBA4iOS, supporting the latest iOS. You can play plenty of games on various consoles including, NES, N64, GBA, GBC, SNES, Sega, and more.

The best part about Delta is it doesn’t need Cydia to run on your iOS devices, you can still enjoy awesome retro games on your iPhone and iPad, without lagging or freezing. For iPad users, it provides a split-screen feature to the exceptional gaming experience.

#3. HappyChick- Best Free game emulator for Android

HappyChick is so far the finest combination of consoles for iOS devices, you can play retro games like Super Mario to the latest battle royal games including COD, GTA, and more. In short, this app has everything you ever wanted. For starters it supports, GBA, GB, PPSSPP, PS1, Nintendo, and more, so I guess you must be eager to download HappyChick on iPhone.

For the correct setup follow our dedicated article on how to install and set up SNES Emulator using HappyChick. With all that, if you want to play over LAN, it is possible though, no need for Wi-Fi, follow the one-click play procedure, and enjoy whatever game you want.

#4. Provenance – A Good emulator to Play Classic Console Games

Provenance is quite a good alternative to HappyChick, as it comes with all the features that you’d get in HappyChick. Regardless, whatever game you would want to play, whether it is classic retro to AI games, it has got everything in a single app.

Moreover, the in-app customizations is a center of attention, support for multiplayer games, online gaming, and last but not the least, play your favorite games by downloading the external ROMs, if it is not present in consoles.

#5. NDS4iOS- Nintendo DS Emulator

NDS4iOS is another emulator especially for the ones who are looking for Nintendo DS games, with hundreds of thousands of games, you will never run out of choice. It has some common features just like other emulators apps, including multiplayer gaming, cloud syncing, in-app customizations, along with one unique add-on that you wouldn’t get on another emulator, the support for Dropbox syncing.

you can Run NDS games on your non-jailbroken and jailbroken Apple iOS devices. Truly, god for iPhone and iPad users. It’s easy to use interface keeps the app clean and simple.

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