How to Make Snapchat Notifications Private on iPhone (2020): Hide From Screen

Last Updated on Aug 17, 2020

Don’t see annoying or Private snapchat notification on your iPhone, Notifications come in handy when we are busy with work, or sleeping, without notifications there is no way you could get alert that someone has messaged you or called you unless you manually open each app to see. Well, it’s quite impossible and boring to go through all the apps to look for the notifications, that’s why everyone prefers notifications. Nevertheless, the notifications are in the owner’s control, whether to turn off, keep on, hide, or whatever. The iPhone is highly customizable, say if you are annoyed by a stalker, who always looks into your phone, on the other side due to some personal reasons you cannot just turn off notifications, what will you do?

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In this line of the tutorial, I’ll walk you through the best way to keep the stalker confused, while you get all the notification alerts on the iPhone. The iPhone settings app lets you choose between three options when it comes to notifications, you can Hide Notifications on Lock Screen, Completely Hide Notifications on iPhone and Use the Default Settings. When you choose to hide notifications on the Lock Screen, it means the contents will be hidden, but still, you’ll receive notifications from the Snapchat, somewhat looks like Snapchat, Notification, that’s it No Preview on the lock screen.

How to Hide Snapchat Notifications on iPhone

Kindly note that, to make Snapchat Notifications Private on iPhone, make sure the Passcode for iPhone is enabled. So check out how to enable Passcode on iPhone.

Remember while setting up Face ID or Touch ID, you’d need to enter Passcode as an alternative, this is what it is. If you are already using Face ID or Touch ID, then skip to Step 2.

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Step 1: Make Sure iPhone Passcode is Enabled

  1. Open the Settings app on iOS devices.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone with Touch ID) | Face ID & Passcode (iPhone with Face ID).

    Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode on iPhone settings app

    Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode on iPhone settings app

  3. Turn On the Passcode.
    Turn on iPhone lock screen passcode on iPhone from iPhone settings

    Turn on iPhone lock screen passcode on iPhone from iPhone settings

    • If you’ve already turned on passcode, then enter the passcode to access the Passcode settings and see if the passcode is enabled.

      Enter your New passcode two times and save

      Enter your New passcode two times and save

    • Enter Passcode two times and save successfully.

Step 2: Make Snapchat Notifications Private on iOS

  1. Go back to the Settings App on the iPhone.
  2. Tap Notifications.

    Notifications Settings on iPhone for Calendar App

    Notifications Settings on iPhone for Calendar App

  3. Scroll down to the end, and tap Snapchat. The apps are listed in alphabetical orders to direct skip to the S, to locate Snapchat.

    Snapchat Notification Settings on iPhone

    Snapchat Notification Settings on iPhone

  4. I assume Allow Notifications is toggled ON, if yes then tap Show Previews.

    Don't Show Notification when iphone in unlocked or Locked

    Don’t Show Notification when iPhone in unlocked or Locked

  5. By default, Always is selected, switch it to When Unlocked.

From now on, the Snapchat Notifications Preview will not be displayed on the lock screen. However, after unlocking the iPhone, you can still access the Snapchat Messages or Notifications as usual.

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