How to Post on Instagram from PC in 2024

Forget transferring pictures and videos from PC to mobile while you can directly post on Instagram from PC. Apparently, Instagram doesn’t have or is going to offer a desktop interface just like App to post pictures and videos from PC. That’s not an issue though, because you can upload and post pictures on Instagram from PC. Besides, you can edit the image and apply filter with the help of a mouse within no time.

So if you have an old photo that you want to show your friends but stored on PC, then you should learn this method to post on Instagram from Mac/Windows PC. We have explained this tutorial by taking two most common web browsers, Google Chrome and Safari.

How to Post on Instagram from PC

At first, you have to change the user agent, on the browser. User-agent is nothing but tells the site about the device you are using. So if we select mobile, the app interface will appear through which we can post on Instagram from PC.

1. Post on Instagram from PC on Chrome

  • macOS

Step #1: Launch “Chrome” on your PC.
Step #2: Click on “View”.
Step #3: Select Developer > Developer Tools.
Step #4: Click on the mobile icon as shown in the picture.
Step #5: If you have macOS, then look for the “Responsive” option.
Step #6: From there you can select the iOS and Android devices. Which allows you to bring the interface of the phone to the PC.

Now you are ready to upload the photo on Instagram from the computer. Sign in with your Instagram ID and Password.

Step #7: Click on the “Upload” button.
Step #8: Now, locate and select the photo that you want to upload on your Instagram profile.
Step #9: Just like on the iPhone or any other phone, you will get multiple options to edit the photo before uploading it to Instagram.

A range of filters and editing tools will appear when you click on “Next”. Don’t forget to save the changes you make while editing the picture on Instagram.

Step #10: Lastly, click “Share”.

  • Windows 10

Step #1: Launch “Google Chrome” on your Windows 10 PC and Sign in with your Instagram login.
Step #2: Click on “More Options”.
Step #3: Then select More  Tools > Developer Tools.
Step #4: Select the mobile mode.
Step #5: Click on the “Upload” button.

Note: If you dont find the Upload button, then refresh the webpage.

Step #6: Now, choose the picture that you would like to post on Instagram.
Step #7: Apply filters if you want or just click “Share”.

2. Post on Instagram with Safari

Step #1: Open the “Safari” app on your Mac.
Step #2: Click Preferences > Advanced.
Step #3: Check the box of “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
Step #4: Now, launch the “Safari”.
Step #5: Click on “Develop” and hover mouse on the “User-agent”.
Step #6: Select the interface that you would like to use on Safari PC.
Step #7: Hit the “Upload” button to select the image.
Step #8: If you want to add some filters than do it otherwise, click on “Next”.
Step #9: Once everything is done, go for the “Share button”.

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