How to Change Password of Instagram on Mac and Computer in 2023

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Instagram accounts are currently the best and easiest targets for hackers and anti-social people around the world. So it is better to keep changing the Instagram password periodically and secure your Instagram account. You might be thinking about how should I change the password of Instagram on Mac or Windows 10 PC? It is a long-haul procedure, but once you will learn, it won’t take more time to use Instagram on PC/Mac.

How do I Change the Password of Instagram on Mac and Computer?

With this method, you can also post pictures on Instagram right from the PC, if you don’t want to transfer pictures to the phone. Don’t get confused in the first time, we have given the title depending upon the PC you are using to change the password of Instagram.

For Chrome

  1. Windows 10

Step #1: Go to the “Chrome” on your PC.
Step #2: Click on More Options (Three-vertical dots).
Step #3: Select More Tools > Developer Tools.
Step #4: Click on the mobile mode, as shown in the picture.
Step #5: Click on your profile page.
Step #6: Jump to the “Settings”.
Step #7: Select “Change Password” and enter the old password.
Step #8: Now, enter New Password and confirm.
Step #9: Lastly, click “Change Password”.

  1. macOS

Step #1: Go to the “Chrome” and click “View”.
Step #2: Choose the “Developer”.
Step #3: Click on “Developer Tools”.
Step #4: Click on the phone icon, just like we have shown in the image.
Step #5: Now, open your profile page.

Note: If you don’t see profile options then refresh the page.

Step #6: Next, click on the “Settings” icon, on the top-left corner.
Step #7: Go to “Change Password”.
Step #8: Enter the old password and then New Password.
Step #9: Re-enter the new password and lastly click “Change Password”.

For Safari

Step #1: Launch “Safari” on your Mac.
Step #2: Click “Preferences”.
Step #3: Choose “Advanced”.
Step #4: Look for “Show Develop menu in menu bar” and check the box of this option.
Step #5: Go to the Safari browser and open Instagram. Enter the username and password of your Instagram account.

Step #6: Click on Develop > User agent.
Step #7: Select an iPhone or any other phone.
Step #8: Now, tap on your Profile icon.

NOTE: If you don’t see the Profile icon, refresh the page.

Step #9: Click on the “Settings” icon on the top-left corner of the screen.
Step #10: Select “Change Password”.
Step #11: Enter the old password and then enter New Password.
Step #12: Confirm New Password and click “Change Password”.

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