iOS 17.4.1- How to Send large files in Gmail mail from iPhone, iPad [25 MB]

Send large files in Gmail mail from iPhone or iPad, many users are facing regret to send mail from Gmail, it’s hence is that Gmail can’t send large files or attachments in the mail. Gmail attachment limitation is 25MB. So you can’t send file sizes over 25MB.

Most of the people always find how to send “more than 25 MB file or attachment”, “How to send multiple large files in single mail from Gmail”, “How to set option for attaching a large file in Gmail”, ”Send error due to large file” sent in Gmail mail from iPhone, iPad. The entire above question has a single and amazing solution. We are hoping Gmail will give the option to send the large file in Gmail with a premium service option.

In this tip, you can find a way on how to send large documents, pictures, and music or .exe file, from your iPhone, iPad.

1 Send large file from iPhone and iPad

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Steps to send a large file in Gmail mail from iPhone and iPad app

Are you very familiar with Gmail on iPhone, iPad? It’s easy to edit, send, type, and much more.

The same technique we can use for sending a large video file, Folder on Mail (Gmail, iOS Mail app or other third-party iOS mail apps ).

  • Microsoft Outlook, myMail, Gmail Google, Yahoo Mail, Newton Mail

You can also do also using another, cloud storage service which makes you able to send file size with no limitation in a secure way. Here I found the top best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad. You can choose any of the top best.

One biggest advantage of using cloud storage it’s that, you don’t need to attach or add files again for another mail. In the below sample, I use Dropbox – A free cloud app. You can also use another.

Step 1: Go to Dropbox and open it on iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 2: Upload files (Might be small or big, doesn’t matter) in Dropbox, generate the unique link for folder and file that we want the share with others via Gmail or Other iOS mail app.

2 Share Dropbox file from iPhone app using link

Generate a link for share by tapping in share button (From the bottom screen). Choose copy link,

3 Create link for folder and file

Step 4: Press the home button.

Press home button in iOS device
Press the home button in iOS device

Step 4: Go to the Mail app, Launch it.

Step 5: Create new mail, in the body of the mailbox tap and hold on, from the pop-up menu select the Paste option.

4 Send Access link from iPhone mail app

Step 6: Now, Tap on the send button.

Using these tips, you can send any file size, from the receiver side tap on the link generated by Dropbox. Download that file, that’s doesn’t matter it’s big or small. Now you have a dozen free cloud storage for share files after generating links. You can use this link in your mail for transfer or send it to another via mail app on iPhone and iPad. Now it’s very easy to send a large file in Gmail mail from the iPhone and iPad.

Note: Compress large file on Mac, or PC Before attaching on mail (Compressed file may be reduce file or folder size) for sent it easily without any gimmick.

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What you say on Gmail has to start service in premium features to send a large file in Gmail mail from iPhone (App).

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