How to block unknown call on iPhone, iPad [Not saved]

Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad that’s not saved in iPhone and iPad contacts or contacts dictionary. Therefore you can’t use option for block this person inside Settings > phone > blocked (its use only when contact saved in your mobile directory). I found most of the iPhone lover worried on How to block unknown call in own iPhone, iPad. So here you can get savvy knowledge on how to stop or block unknown caller on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 7, iOS 8.

Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad - iOS 7 or iOS 8 [Text, Face time]
Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad – iOS 7 or iOS 8 [Text, Face time]
Note: if contact has been saved in your contacts dictionary, then you can block any call and text using this option mode.

Here are the steps for fix solution on how to block or prevent nuisance and unknown people calls in your iPhone, iPad (iOS 7, iOS 8).

Steps on Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad – prevent nuisances call

Step 1: start Phone app, now choose Recent tab to view all the call coming on you.

Step 2: You can see blue (i), icon in front of each contacts. Tap on that, you would like to block for all time in Call, Message or face time.

Step 3: Now you can see all details with other options given in first screen.

Step 4: Move down and choose recent option (blue Clock icon). (Ex. Screen 1)

Step 5: inside recent option, at last you can see Block this Caller option.(Ex. Screen 2)

Step 6: Now you can see one agreed message with some text, “You will receive phone calls, message, or FaceTime from people on the block list”.

Step 7: Tap on Block contact. (Ex. Screen 3)

Steps for Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad - iOS 7 or iOS 8
Steps for Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad – iOS 7 or iOS 8

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From this article you can also get the idea on, how to block any contact from recent call list instantly. Not The contacts but you can also stop Messages – text and face time at a time in instant way.

What’s your thought on Block unknown call on iPhone, iPad using Block this caller options, do you need some perfection in coming iOS 8?, installed on iPhone 6 in this fall. Let us know via below comment box. if you like this article for block unfamiliar people calls. Then share with US!!

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