How to Share Google Calendar on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2023?

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Do you use the google calendar app on your Apple iPhone, iPad, Or desktop? Are there things in your google calendar app that you want to tell each other? Then, you will have to share the calendar using a few steps. Using this guide, I hope you can share it with your loved ones as a family, with your boss as an employee, or as a student in the classroom. 

You know, someone shares a google calendar with you, and you will receive it in the form of the URL link to an ICS file.

Here’s a complete Guide to learning how to share the google calendar app.

All iOS and iPadOS users can add that shared google calendar file, and associated events and items will be visible in your phone/tablet calendar app.

Will the shared google calendar update automatically if the creator makes any change?

Yes, the update will automatically be updated on your iPhone and iPad calendar app.


Ask someone to share the URL with the ICS file to add into the iPhone calendar app

Step #.1 Open Settings App to share calendars.

Step #2. Choose Calendar 

Step #3. Tap Add accounts

Step #4. Choose other in the list

Step #5. hit on add subscribed Calendar 

Step #6. Paste the Url associated with the google calendar ICS file in the Server section.

Step #7. Click Next

Step #8. now on this subscription screen, enter your username and password if required to access the shared Google calendar, 

Step #9. in the last tap on Save to see the changes on your phone or iPad.

Finally, go back to the calendar setting screen. Here you can

see the newly added google calendar.

1) Now, the Open Calendar app

2) Click on Calendar appear at the bottom of the screen.

3) next, you will see a calendar screen; on this, look at Subscribed section; here, you can see the newly added google calendar in the list.

To see the event on the google calendar, make sure that the circle to the left of the calendar has a checkmark to see events from that calendar.

Steps to Share Google Calendar on Mac Computer

Step #1. Open calendar App on your Mac.

Step #2. Now click on File option on the top menu bar.

Step #3. A list will show you, let’s Click on New calendar subscriptions Or you can press shortcut keys Option + command +S to directly get the next option


Step #4. Now, enter the .ics file URL that you want to subscribe to.


Step #5. After inserting Url, go with subscribe button.


Step #6. Wait for a while, a screen will appear with the number of settings options that are given below.


Here you can customize your google calendar settings that are available on the desktop screen. 

First is the name that shows the associated email address with a color option – you can change the color for this calendar by clicking on the up-down arrow next to the email address filed. 

Next filed is denoted subscribed calendar URLs which is copied from another google calendar 

Next choose location – available options are on my mac and iCloud 

After that, you can set settings for alerts and attachments for this calendar. 

If you want to remove then uncheck the tick mark left to the alerts or left to the attachments. 

Last updated- here shows the time when the last changes made in the calendar. 

Choose settings for refresh frequency of the calendar. 

Auto-refresh time – 

  • No
  • Every 5 minutes 
  • Every 15 minutes 
  • Every hour 
  • Every day 
  • Every week

Last is option for ignore alerts 

This is optional if don’t want notifications then tick mark next to the ignore alerts. 

In the end, click on Ok 

Your task is completed.

Next, after clicking on Ok, the calendar will appear under the iCloud section if you go with that location otherwise under the other section. 

To unsubscribe calendar on your mac go with this article. 


The Google Calendar app is an excellent alternative to Apple’s native calendar app. it has an amazing feature to share your calendar with someone else. Here I’ll show you step by step how to 

We often have several things that needed to share with my wife, and I can share that in a single calendar app via Google Calendar, which is shared on my iPhone and her iPad. For Example, I want to be able to add appointments, and she see them.

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