Best Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad for Mac & Windows in 2023

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Are you facing everyday hindrances while typing midway? The newly introduced laptops might not consist of an additional number pad, making your work somewhat uncomfortable and increasing the workload. To bring one such ease to your notice, we have a consolidated list ready that serves the right purpose of making your work easier than ever. So, go through the entire article and pick your preferred numeric keypad today!

Compatible with Any Computer OS, MacOS, and Windows: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and Windows Laptop and Desktop.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Numeric Keyboard for your Work, Education and Accounting

1. Satechi Slim Wireless 18-key Keypad


Make your existing keyboard more user-friendly and add on a full 18-key numeric keypad, ideal for data entry and using excel sheets. The Bluetooth-operated wireless keypad is a great accessory if you are looking for a suitable, portable, and durable option. In this keypad, you will find great accessibility and easy usage and consists of all the necessary additions you would want.

This keypad’s sleek, ergonomic design is built with aluminium construction and balances perfectly well between comfort and style. This keypad can last up to two weeks on a single charge with a rechargeable battery. So, grab your hands on this Bluetooth-enabled keypad compatible with macOS, iOS, and PC devices and make the most out of this keypad available on¬†Amazon.

Pros of buying Satechi Slim Wireless 18-key Keypad

  • User-friendly keypad
  • Bluetooth operated
  • Portable and durable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Rechargeable battery

2. Lekvey Aluminium Rechargeable Wireless Numeric Keypad


Constructed with solid and aluminium materials, this slim numeric keypad is one of the must-have accessories you should grab your hands on. It is specifically built for a long-lasting use where its sleek style enhances the overall appearance of the keypad. Another noteworthy feature of the keypad is its Bluetooth connection which makes it entirely wireless. With an in-built 160mAH rechargeable battery, this numeric keypad becomes an exceptionally well, compact and suitable gadget.

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The wide compatibility of this Lekvey numeric keypad is an added benefit. Built with a sense of supreme comfortability, the numeric keypad can work extremely well with iOS and Android devices, and the comfortable keys make this numeric keypad a great accessory. So, bring in better accessibility to your work life and enhance the pace of your daily routine. Order this Lekvey keypad from Amazon today and start working comfortably and at a fast pace.

Pros of buying Lekvey Aluminium Rechargeable Wireless Numeric Keypad 

  • Slim and comfortable to use
  • Built for a long-lasting usage
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your work desk
  • Entirely wireless and Bluetooth operated
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Compact, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

3. Havit USB Wireless Numeric Keypad


Bring more ease and better accessibility to your everyday living by introducing an additional numeric keypad to your working life. Suitable for multi-function use, this numeric keypad comes with keys like NumLock, ESC, Delete, etc., to make your work easier, faster, and better. Another impressive feature of this keypad is its battery life. All you need to do is charge this numeric keypad for an hour or two with a USB cable and use this sleek keypad for the next two months.

The Bluetooth-operated keypad can be put to a sleep mode when not in use, reducing battery consumption to a great level. So, delay your work and invest in the best numeric keypad for your everyday usage. Compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices, this Havit USB Numeric Keypad can be a worthy gadget for reducing your daily workload. We strongly recommend an Amazon purchase if you plan to grab this Havit USB keypad without further ado!

Pros of buying Havit USB Wireless Numeric Keypad 

  • Easier and more accessible
  • Multi-function keypad
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices

4. Satechi Aluminium Finish USB Numeric Keypad


Style and enhance the accessibility of your daily workload by getting this numeric keypad which requires no additional drivers to install and is very easy to use. The elegant look of the keypad makes it a worthy purchase. Brushed with an aluminium finish, the numeric keypad is built to match the iMacs and MacBooks.

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Its ultra-thin and easy compatibility, sleek, compact, and stylish design make this numeric keypad one of the most suitable purchases. So, do not wait any longer and ensure you welcome this addition to your work life by ordering it today from Amazon. The quick responsive technology of this numeric keypad makes it a worthwhile product. We strongly recommend you buy this now!

Pros of buying Satechi Aluminium Finish USB Numeric Keypad 

  • Easy to use
  • No external drivers required
  • Elegant and sleek to use
  • Brushed with an aluminium finish
  • Ultra-thin and compact
  • Compatible with iOS and Windows devices

5. Foloda Portable Numeric Keypad 


A multi-functioned 22-keys numeric keypad is one of the must-have accessories, one of the unique options of any other keypad. It is a great purchase as the keypad comes with several shortcut keys that can be well operated from the computer itself. The numeric keypad is portable and easy to use; the numeric keypad is extremely lightweight and supports wireless technology.

Another accessible feature of this keypad is its quick connection with no external drivers required or needed while using it. You only need to plug the keypad’s receiver into a USB port and start using it without prior installation. Built with high-quality materials, the numeric keypad is one of the best gadgets that you can buy to enhance your daily work accessibility. It also comes with a multi-compatibility for PC, laptops, iOS, and Windows. Available on¬†Amazon, we strongly recommend you buy this numeric keypad today!

Pros of buying Foloda Portable Numeric Keypad 

  • Multi-functioned keys
  • Lightweight, portable, and wireless
  • Quick wireless connection
  • No prior installation required
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Wide compatibility

6. Lekvey Portable Wireless Numeric Keypad 


Extend your keyboard and make it more accessible by involving these additional keys to increase your everyday productivity. Make use of the multi-functioned keypad with suitable shortcut keys, which helps make your work easier and more fast-paced. The numeric keypad is indeed useful. It is also wireless, which eliminates all your cluttered desks. You need to secure this numeric keypad with a Bluetooth connection, and you will be good to go.

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The vast compatibility of this keypad makes it an even more desirable device. Its soft-touch and swift keypad make this gadget comfortable and precise for typing purposes. You can completely trust its fast, responsive feature and reduced to no press sound. So, grab this extremely valuable gadget from Lekvey, available for purchase and quick delivery on Amazon.

Pros of buying Lekvey Portable Wireless Numeric Keypad

  • Quite accessible and easy to use
  • Multi-functioned keypad
  • Quick to respond and fast-paced
  • Wireless and Bluetooth compatible
  • Soft-touch and no press sound
  • Comfortable and portable

7. Macally 22-keys Wireless Number Pad


Extend your existing keyboard with a Bluetooth connection and grab this wireless number pad. Most suitable for data entry purposes, the 22-keys full-sized keypad with shortcut keys is quite a noteworthy choice to buy. Supportive of simple and reliable pairing, the Bluetooth connectivity of this device is very quick and easily responsive. With no external drivers or installation required, this numeric keypad is an ultimate purchase.

You will also enjoy the sleek, comfortable, and ergonomic design to fit an individual’s hand properly. Another noteworthy factor of this device is its long-lasting battery life which can last for 400 hours nonstop. The numeric keypad also goes into an automatic sleep mode which enhances the battery efficiency of the device. So, make your purchase today with this highly accessible numeric keypad, widely available for purchase on¬†Amazon.

Pros of buying Macally 22-keys Wireless Numeric Keypad 

  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • Suitable for data entry purposes
  • Shortcut keys available
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Automatic sleep mode feature

Now that you have given a close look at all the recommended number pads, we highly recommend you pick your preferred device without further delay and introduce more adaptability and convenience to your daily work routine. The recommended gadgets are all trustworthy and efficient to use, as it comes with guaranteed company norms. So, add on a numeric keypad and ensure swiftness in your everyday typing. We suggest you buy this numeric keypad from Amazon and enjoy the quick doorstep delivery at your desired location. Grab now!

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