How to Use Apple Pencil’s New Scribble Feature on iPadOS 14

We can say, Scribble is decade’s most awaited and best feature that iPad users were looking for, but now Apple has made available the Apple Pencil’s Scribble feature on iPadOS 14 supported devices. The Scribble can convert any roughly hand-written text into proper text that we used to type using the keyboard. It can be used widely on all the default apps, whether it is Safari, Notes, Calendar App, Shape Recognition, and many more. You don’t need to switch or swap the keyboard with Scribble, it’ll automatically interpret your handwritten writings, shapes, and convert it into proper text.

Apple has made sure, that the Scribble understands, your Capital Letters, Cursive Writings, Spacing between text, and all other things neatly. Besides, deleting, and formatting the scribbled text is way too easy, just circle around the word or sentence to bring the formatting options such as Copy, Paste, and more.

How to Use Scribble on iPad, iPadOS 14?

At first, you need to make sure that the Apple Pencil Scribble feature is turned on in the Settings of the iPad. Connect the Apple Pencil to the iPad and follow the step.

Go to the Settings App in iPad and tap Apple Pencil, to enable Scribble.

Where Can I Use Scribble in iPadOS 14?

Apple Pencil Scribble can be used with almost all the applications where you need to write something, like in Notes App, Safari App, and more.

For instance,

  • If you want to write Note in the Notes App, there Scribble can be used.
  • In Notes App, the Shape recognition feature works great, no need to find the shapes or copy-paste from the web, just draw them roughly in the notes, and the iPad will convert into perfect shape.
  • Shape Recognition supports, Lines with Arrow Endpoints, Outlined Arrows, Lines, Curves, Circle, Rectangle, Hearts, Triangle, Clouds, Stars, Bubbles, Hexagon, Pentagon, and more.
  • You can use the Scribble in Spotlight Search to Find apps and files from the home screen.
  • The Scribble also supports the Safari App, like, we have tested the Safari by entering a website’s name in the URL Bar using Apple Pencil Scribble, it automatically converted into proper text and launched the website that we searched.
  • In Calendar App, if you want to open the Edit menu, then write Edit using Apple Pencil, and hit Edit to navigate to through the settings.
  • Data Detectors, when you are busy writing notes, and all of sudden you realize to call or email someone, in that case, directly write the Contact Number or Email ID, in the current note, later it will show some options whether to Call, FaceTime or Email someone, follow the on-screen instructions and make call or mail.

This is how Apple Pencil Scribble works with the iPadOS 14. You can try using Scribble in the apps and websites where you have to fill the text fields or note down important points.

How to Erase the Scribble Text?

It’s quite a fun, erasing the text or drawn object that we developed using Apple Pencil, all you need to do is, scratch the text or drawn shape from the middle, it will disappear.

How to Copy/Paste/Delete/Duplicate Scribble Text?

In many cases, we have to write the notes in one Note and then copy a certain part of the text to another note. How it can be done with Scribble? Its pretty simple, when you circle the text or sentence, the toolbar will appear, select the option and you are ready to go.

Does Scribble work with Third-Party Apps?

Well, not all the applications, but Apple Pencil Scribble works with few third-party applications where you might need to write something. However, you can use Scribble to all the default applications like Safari, Notes, Calendar App, To make a call, in Maps, and more.

What are the Languages Supported by Scribble?

As of now, iPadOS 14’s Scribble only supports English and Chinese. Although, it will also detect if you have written one word in English and another in Chinese in a single sentence. You don’t need to switch between languages, it just works fine.

Can I Get Refund from Notability for purchasing their scribble?

We can’t be sure if they will refund your money, it depends upon their terms and conditions and policy. Still, you can try out by reaching the customer support of the app and plea them with a genuine reason to refund your money.

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