How to use Google Gboard keyboard app on iPhone, iPad

Keyboard is primary interface for use any app, Send mail, Message. Not just professional work but also useful for fun like send stickers/ Gifs and Emojies. So people like to use other third party keyboard apart from default. Google released very best and full features third party keyboard for iOS device called Google Gboard. Google Gboard keyboard app we can integrate from device settings and use it for different purpose like search Gifs/ Emojie/ Glide typing Keyboard and Google search.

Google search is power full features, not available in other third party keyboard apps for iPhone/ iPad. In search result you will get, Nearby Store and restaurants, Weather forecast, Sports score, Video and images or anything that you are getting in Browser search.

Install and use Google Gboard keyboard app from iPhone/ iPad

1: Open app store on iPhone/ iPad. Search “Google Gboard” in search box.

2: In result you will get Gboard – Search app, Tap on Get. Wait for download and install on iDevice.

3: After successfully installed, Go to the Settings app.

1 Add Third-Party Keyboard Google Gboard in iPhone copy

4: Under Settings, Tap on General.

5: Next, Scroll down screen and Tap on Keyboard.

6: From Top tap on Keyboards > Add New Keyboard..

2 Add installed Keyboard in keyboard pane on iPhone copy

7: Scroll down, Under Third-Party Keyboards list, GBoard is available there. On single Tap it will be added in Existing Keyboards. Now you give permission for Access “Allow Full Access” > Allow.

3 Allow Google Gboard keyboard app on iPhone

Use Google Gboard app in iPhone

GBoard app use location service to give exact search result. Enable Location service first.

Google Search: Type text that you are looking for > Tap on Search blue button on keyboard.

4 Search in Google keyboard app on iPhone copy

Emoji and Gif: Search unique emojies tap on Emoji icon near to space key in keyboard.

5 Send Emoji or GIF from Google Gboard app copy

Get Exact GIFs by type text in search field.

Return to text keyboard, Tap on “ABC” from corner of keyboard.

6 Switch to GIF keyboard to character keyboard copy

Note: iMessage allows to add Fireworks and Bubble effect with text.

Switch GBoard to Defualt keyboard

Tap and Hold on Earth icon from keyboard > Next Keyboard from Popup.

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Now, Install and use Google Gboard keyboard app fluently and more effective on iPhone/ iPad. Don’t miss to share your experience with us.


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