7 Best Third Party Keyboards For iPhone And iPad on iOS 10/ 8

Third party keyboards for iPhone and iPad will be very useful for boring text typing. iOS 8 have amazing new features including third-party keyboard support. Most of the iOS lovers try to make easy and also like this new feature. Now Apple allows using the alternate option with third party keyboard from the official site or iTunes (after released iOS 8, keyboards will be going for sell). But this time you will enjoy after seeing below list of best third party keyboards for iPhone 6.

Note: you have compatible iOS – iOS 8, then you can definitely use, no need to see which iPhone version you have and more.., before that, are you interested to install iOS 8 on your iPhone and iPad, so you have a compatible version on iPhone and iPad declared by Apple officially. iPhone 6 with iOS 8 pre – installed iOS users can directly install and enjoy these best Third party keyboards.

Top best third party keyboards for iPhone, iPad on iOS 10/ 9 / 8

1. Go Keyboard – Emojis with Themes

Smart Third-party keyboard for all iOS version (iOS 8 or later). Send the rich message with 3D emoji, Beautiful stickers with more fun. Type Emoji, Cute smiley face, Custom keyboard with the DIY setup. Rich themes give lovely, Geek, Cool and Factional keyboard that you want. Wire range on language support, Up to 40+ languages, Very fast typing and Smart.

1 GO Keyboard Third party keyboard for iPhone

Auto-correction and Smart word prediction that make you work smooth all the time.

Over 200 millions of users are active on this keyboard.

Download Now – Free

2. Slash Keyboard

Slash is the free keyboard that we can use it by simply switch to another keyboard. Within this keyboard use Siri for type command. Access directly from the keyboard: Contacts, Emoji, Giphy, Google Search, Maps, Photos, Pin, Recent, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter account then share in the text conversation.

2 Slash Keyboard for iOS

Endless stickers, Emoji, Gifs, Music and more

Download Now – Free

3. Word Flow Keyboard – GIF, SWIPE

Word Flow by Microsoft Make keyboard access more easy with tiny fingers and Big-screen iPhone models (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus). Great Workflow, Smart prediction, Easily find Gifs, Emojis and more. Look into restaurants, Weather, Forecasts, News and more.

3 Word Flow Keyboard iPhone and iPad

Download Now – Free

4. TouchPal

From our readers and experts, TouchPal is the best number one keyboard apps from the list of best third party keyboards for iPhone, iPad on iOS 8. Its amazing features make iPhone lovers more healthy and happy with easy text typing and more. Other features

  • Word and Sentence gesture supports
  • Added 600+ emoji and smiley keys from your keyboards
  • Voice to text by microphone enable or disable keys.

To get more about TouchPal released to date from official sites click here

touchpal - Best Third party keyboards for iPhone and iPad on iOS 8
touchpad – Best Third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

5. Flesky

Flesky is giving fastest keyboard that can help to accelerate text typing speed with less correction. Features

  • Different theme colors
  • More creative and expressive emoji icon
  • Autocorrect spell
  • Tired of pressing backspace
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Multi-language support (English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch..)
  • No border and space feel keyboard like the laptop (For easy access).
fleksy - iPhone third-party keyboard for iOS 8
fleksy – iPhone third-party keyboard for iOS 8

6. Swiftkey

The award-winning fast and customized keyboard from Top best Third party keyboards for iPhone For your iOS 8 device, Features

  • Word wraps predication to make sentence beautiful.
  • Smart autocorrect
  • Custom layouts
  • Type message without lifting your figure
  • Make you comfort with over 65 language
  • Emoji prediction

    swiftkey - iOS 8 third party keyboard
    swift key – iOS 8 third-party keyboard

7. swipe

Swype – Top best third party keyboard for iPhone and iPad, Make you smart with amazing typing speed and effective text word. You can check more about swype from here

swype - easy text typing third party keyboard for iOS 8
swype – easy text typing third party keyboard for iOS 8

After reading this article – Third party keyboards for iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 devices), you keen to get experience on new iOS.  You can share your thoughts on above Top best third party keyboards for iDevice. You have any alternate third-party keyboard than comment also, if you like then share it kindly with your friends and family.