How to Use or Activate Siri on Apple Watch – Sport, Edition

Know everything about How to use or activate Siri on Apple Watch – functionality is same, but Models are differ likely Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Not focus on Point such as 38 MM or 42 MM Apple watch models. So now, we start that how to you use or activate Siri on Apple Watch, because Siri can understand what you ask. Siri can perform lot of Task and intelligent to convey lot of information about your question.

Apple Watch has been released with innovative, unlivable features and with of Apple watch app. Moreover, they provides customize and number of beautiful faces for watch user. You can change Apple Watch faces using Force Touch.

Learn Step to Use or Activate Siri on Apple Watch – Apple Watch Sport, Watch Edition  

Siri is a sophisticated thing; it has been always ready to do work as per user request. Either it’s on Apple iPhone or on the Apple Watch. So let’s know, from beneath step how to wake up Siri on Apple Watch? You can wake up Siri on your using your Voice and Apple Watch as manually.

Activate Siri using Your Voice

Step  1. Hold on Apple Watch in front of your Mouth

Step 2.  Summon Siri on Apple Watch Screen and say Hey Siri

Step 3.  Now, ask your question.

Activate Siri on Apple Watch as Manually

Step 1. Tap on Apple Watch Screen or raise your Apple Watch

Step 2. Now, Press and Hold Digital Crown, until you see Siri icon

How to Use or Activate Siri on Apple Watch – Sport, EditionStep 3. Ultimate, you can pass your request to Siri

Know here what you can do using Siri on Apple Watch?

By using Siri app, you can set up alarm clock, to make note, make call, Set all kind of Reminders through your Voice, To Set Timer, useful for Apple Watch Work out app and Find direction and location on Map. Moreover, you can also get update regarding Stock.

Hey, Dear apple watch user how seems this tip regarding, how to use or activate Siri on Apple Watch.