How to put the Apple watch in power saving mode: Turn Power saver

Last Updated on Jul 14, 2021

Apple knows about apple watch usage in the future, So most cases, you might be suffering from low battery any time. It will help if you put your Apple watch in almost dead condition, which means Smartwatch will become a simple watch that will only use for the current time. Power reserve functionality works as a power-saving mode. Here I gave a guide with step-by-step instructions on putting the apple watch in power saving mode. After that, we can put the apple watch in normal mode to use the smartwatch app after enough battery. Alternatively, you can use the small pocket size external charger for the Apple watch.

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Note: Apple watch Battery conditions with saving tips are continuously used two days after charge 100% (Full battery).

Steps to Enable/ Disable or put apple watch in power saving mode:

Apple Watch uses Low battery charging quite interesting but notices that you can only use it for time showing purpose; as discussed in the apple watch keynote, you can run Power reserve mode for the next 72 hours.

Step 1: grip your apple watch on your wrist,

Step 2: Press and hold the side button placed below the digital crown.

Step 3: You will see three options: Power off, Power Saver, and Lock device.

Put apple watch in power saving mode for long battery life

Step 4: Swipe toggle on the right from the Power saver option

Now put your device normal battery power mode

In revert back to normal mode, you need to restart or shut down the watch. For the restart, follow the above three-step and Tap, hold the side button, and release when the Apple logo is shown.

Note: are you fail in any case, first check your device updated with the latest iOS 8.3 or newer, then pair Apple Watch with iPhone.

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