iOS 16.5: How to Zip and Unzip files on iPhone & iPadOS in 2023

In past years, creating Zip files on our iPhone and iPadOS used to be a boring and lengthy procedure. However, now with the new update, creating Zip files on iPhone and iPadOS has been much easier and straightforward. Some of the major reasons why you should Zip file on the iPhone and iPad is, to reduce clutter in Files App, to share multiple files quickly with your friends and much more. There was a time when we used to search for a  third-party tool to zip files on iPhone and iPad, but now, Apple provides an inbuilt feature to compress files right on the iPadOS and iPhone.

Moreover, unzipping files on your iPad and iPhone is far more simple than zipping files. All you have to do is, tap on the Zip file, within a second or two, a new Archive folder will be created of Zip file. The latest update brings a considerable change which lets you manage the downloads using Download Manager on Safari. So whenever any Zip file is downloaded, tap on it. The Safari app will redirect you to the Files app and there you can unzip the file by a single tap on the zip file.

How to Create Zip files on iPhone and iPadOS

Update your iPhone/iPad to the latest version of iOS/iPadOS. [Settings > General > Software Update > Check For Update and Download/Install] Whether it is Notes, Pages, Videos, or Pictures, anything could be converted into Zip file in a snap. Here’s how to create Zip files in the Files app on iPhone/iPad.

We can move any file from your iPhone to the Files apps folder. For example, Select the photos and Copy the photos, Now move to folder of files app and Past. Safari Download Manager allows you to download the Zip file in the Files app, In the Same way, the Mail app also allow you to download the attachment to Files app directly.

  • #1: Open the “Files” app.
  • #2: Go to the folder/files to create a Zip file of it.
  • #3: Choose the Folders/Files by tapping on “Select”.
  • #4: Once you make a complete selection, tap “More”.
  • #5: Lastly, select “Compress”.
Create Zip File on iPhone Files app
Create Zip File on iPhone Files app

This will create the Zip file in the same location. Now you can share multiple files in a single shot, just tap on the Share button and select where you would like to send the Zip file.

You Should Know, Preview Content Without Unzip

The Files app on our Apple devices, let us know what is there in the Zip file. It is like, you can take a Quick Look & Preview Content inside the Zip file. Here’s how to do it,

  • #1: Launch the “Files” app.
  • #2: Go to the path where the Zip file is stored.
  • #3: Tap and hold the Zip file.
  • #4: Choose Quick Look > Preview Content.

How to Unzip files on iPhone and iPadOS

As I mentioned earlier, with the latest update you can unzip the file with a single tap. To locate the Zip file and tap on it. On the same location/path, a new Archive folder will be created automatically consisting of all the contents of the Zip file.

  • #1: Go to the “Files” app.
  • #2: Locate your Zip file.
  • #3: Tap on the Zip file that will simply unzip it.
  • #4: Or you could press and hold on the Zip file and select “Uncompress”.
UnZip File on iPhone
UnZip File on iPhone

Share this easy technique to zipping and unzip files on iPhone and iPad.

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