How to Copy Messages from iPhone to iPhone Directly [Quick Guide]

Get how to Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone using alternate ways, when you buy a new iPhone, then you will find that messages app is empty. Now the question will arise that, how you can get those messages on your new iOS device? But don’t worry about it we will show you how you can get those texts and messages in your new iPhone within minutes. It is a very easy process just go with iCloud backup and restore messages in other iPhone.

iCloud takes Backup of so many things, and one of them is iMessages and texts. It is obvious that if you have worthy messages then and then only you’re transferring them to another device. So it is better to use Apple’s default backup path iCloud which is trusted and adoptable by every user.

Compatible models: iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, XS, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/iPhone 5S with latest iOS.

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Table of Content

  1. Move messages from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud
  2. How to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud and USING iTunes
  3. Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to computer

3 Methods to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone – Anyhow

Move Messages from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud

Take Backup using iCloud

Step 1: Wake up your iPhone

Step 2: Go to “Settings” and open “iCloud.”

First Turn on iCloud Drive toggle

Step 3: And then tap on the “iCloud Backup” and finally give a click on “iCloud Backup” and Tap on “Backup now” toggle to start the backup.

Now it’s time to Fetch on your new iPhone

Step 1: Setup “iPhone” first.

Step 2: If pop-up arises of restoring “iCloud Backup” and if you have set up your device before then reset (Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings) the iPhone.

Step 4: After that, enter Apple ID and Password on setup new iPhone process.

Finally, Your new device is ready with all your messages of the old iPhone.

How to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud and USING iTunes

To transfer messages to another iPhone, you need to take backup in iTunes. Check how you can take backup.

Make sure that your Mac or PC/Laptop has the latest version of iTunes.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone from which you want to transfer messages.

Step 2: Launch “iTunes” on Mac or PC/Laptop.

Step 3: Choose your “iPhone”.

Step 4: On “Summary” Tab you will find “Backup Now” Button under Backups click on it.

It will take a moment to create a backup, and when the backup is completed, and then you must go to Preference and tap on devices [Find Latest iPhone Backup]. It will show you the latest backup created with a date and device name.

Now take a checkout how can we Restore a Backup from iTunes

Turn on another iPhone and don’t set up because in between you will get an option that you want to restore data from iTunes or iCloud. It is easy otherwise you need to erase the data from settings.

Note: Find My iPhone must to turn off. Check the article: Turn off Find my iPhone

Step 1: Open iTunes and Connect iPhone via lightening cable.

Step 2: Turn on Mac or PC and connect the device.

Step 3: Choose the device and tap on “Restore Backup” under the Backups section.

And by this you, data will be restores shortly sit back and relax.

Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to computer or Mac

We have trusted Software for Mac and PC for Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone. In the same way, we can transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone.

Download AnyTrans For Mac (Use Code: DA83171CFB and Get 10% off)

Download AnyTrans For Windows (Use Code: 24BAC3C4AD and Get 10% off)

Open AnyTrans Software, Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC and Access on AnyTrans. Go to Merge Device > Select Target Device > Messages.

Ready to start to move messages to a new iPhone.

Above all three are the best solutions for a move or Transfer Messages From iPhone to iPhone [New].

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