How to Find & Restore Old Backup in iPhone, iPad, iCloud Mac, Finder/iTunes

Find and Restore Old Backup Using FInder or iCloud
Find and Restore Old Backup Using Finder or iCloud

Find and restore the old backup in iPhone and iPad, is the way to migrate all the data (Mail, Message, Contacts, Calendars, Photos/Videos, documents) from your OLD or broken iOS device to New iPhone or any version of the iOS device. iCloud is the best way to restore from old backup on your iPhone and iPad. Here you will get step by step guide on how to find and restore the past but the latest backup in iPhone and iPad. this process doesn’t need to Check iTunes Backup Location Mac, iTunes searches for the latest backup taken by date.

Note: These tips on Find and restore old iPhone and iPad works on Older iOS or the latest iOS/iPadOS firmware. And all supported iPhone and iPad models.

Apple users are looking for old backups and trying to delete for release Gigabytes of space from iCloud or from Mac/ PC. These tips explained to you how we can do it?

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Here’s are the steps for find and restore old backup in iPhone and iPad

Ways to find old backup in iCloud Mac

Method 1: Find in iCloud: Old Backup History On Mac

  • To see or find the list of all backups in iCloud On Mac, Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Apple IDapple-id-settings-in-system-preferences-on-mac
  • iCloud > Managemanage-backup-from-icloud-storage-on-mac
  • Backup (List of old Backups).
6 List of Backups in iCloud

Method 2: Find on iTunes & Finder on macOS Catalina or later

Apple shut down iTunes service on Latest MacOS [MacOS Catalina or later], So to Sync, Backup & Restore iPhone/iPad, We must go with the finder on Mac. So where are the Old Backups on Mac Finder? Follow the steps below,

On Mac Finder Manage Backups & Where is the Backup File on Mac?

  • First Connect and Pair your iPhone/iPad to Mac using Apple Original Cable,
  • Unlock the Device.
  • Now open Finder on Mac, Click on a device name from finder sidebar.manage-backup-of-your-iphone-on-mac
  • And Pair the device successfully. Now Under the Backups. Click on Manage Backups. Here’s the list of all backups with Date, view-or-delete-old-iphone-and-ipad-backup-on-mac
  • We can also delete it by select the backup and press the delete button. [Check Video tutorial on Find all Backups and Manage it].

Video on Where is the Backups File on Mac? Get it Without Finder on Mac

On iTunes Manage Backups

Open iTunes on Mac, Go to the iTunes > Preferences > Devices > See all backups saved on Mac by iTunes.

1 Find all iPhone backups saved on iTunes for Mac

We can delete unwanted older backup by right click on it.

These backups made of Contacts, Colanders, text messages, Media files, and personal settings.

Now you have the latest backup of old iPhone, iPad on iCloud or iTunes. So you can take a restore process with two options.

  1. Using Wi-Fi, iCloud give the option to restore the backup on your iOS device. From your Device.
  2. Using Lighting cable, iTunes automatically restore your backup when your device connected with your Mac or Windows machine.

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Ways to Restore old backup in iPhone and iPad – iOS 14 and older

Method 1: Restore old Backup on your iPhone and iPad using iCloud

This option is only useful while we set up a new iPhone or Restore after the Factory Reset (Erased all contents and Settings). The exact way to restore iPhone without iTunes 

Step 1: Follow the on-screen guide, Enter Apple ID login credentials.

Step 2: Next, App & Data screen > Restore from iCloud Backup. Find you backup on date wise that you wish to restore.

You can see all the backups taken before this days. , You did successfully find and restore the old backup in iPhone and iPad from iCloud.

8 list of old backups on iCloud and restore it

Method 2: Restore old backup on your iPhone and iPad using Finder/iTunes

Step 1: Open Finder/iTunes on your Mac or Windows

Step 2: Connect your iPhone and iPad with Finder/iTunes using lighting cable. (can’t showing or connect in iTunes steps [error])

Step 3: Your connected devices will automatically appear under the locations in finder sidebar on Mac.

Step 4: Click on Device name and Tap on Restore Backup under the backups section.

Finder Screen
Restore iPhone-iPad Backup on Finder Mac
Restore iPhone-iPad Backup on Finder Mac
iTunes Screen.
3 restore iphone using itunes

Step 5: Tap on device drop-down, from there you have to choose last backup (latest backup).

Step 6: Tap on the restore button. You have done successfully find and restore the old backup in iPhone and iPad from iCloud. Below the screen is for iPhone backup viewer.

4 Find old backup saved on Mac using iTUnes and Restore it

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Conclusion: in this article, we have seen how to find the latest backup in your iCloud account and iTunes (on your Mac).

As you prefer the way, you can also restore the backup to your iPhone and iPad from iCloud and iTunes as given in the above steps.

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