2024’s Best Video Stabilizers for iPhone: Top Reviewed Gimbals

How do you make a video not shake on my iPhone? Try these best iPhone stabilizer gimbal. Get top Video Stabilizers for iPhone. Most people are using smartphones with the best camera, but they are unable to shot stable videos on their devices. When you have an iPhone with a True Depth camera, and still you are unable to shot steady videos, then it is unworthy. Besides video quality, you need to shot a video that does not have any trembling effect. Nowadays a lot of inventions are taking place for human welfare, and one of them is cheap Gimbals for iPhone or video stabilizer.

Gimbal is nothing but a small device that is used to film stabilize videos on your iPhone. It is only a fantastic tool that is used for shooting videos and pictures reliably without interrupting quality. Take a look at these video stabilizers and make your every trip better with amazing shots. All Gimble’s compatibles with Apple’s new iPhone XS Max, XS Max, and iPhone XR.

What is the Best iPhone Stabilizer? Choose Handheld Gimbal Active Stabilizer for iPhone

#1. DJI OSMO Lightweight Gimbal for iPhoneDJI OSMO Lightweight Gimbal for iPhone


Shoot the most beautiful moments of your life with the DJI  gimbal stabilizer. The long-lasting built-in Li-ion battery offers reliable shooting. Meanwhile, you can charge it with USB. The detachable design enables its portability so you can carry it in the bag.

However, you can Tilt and pitch up, Pan and yaw at any angle to shoot videos on iPhone. Enjoy your selfies, sports shoots and different photography with comfortable hand grip and easy handling. A fun foldable gimbal is easy to carry anywhere, and of course quick to set up.

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2. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Handheld Gimbal StabilizerZhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun’s gimbal stabilizer is designed to full range access to the devices whether it is iPhone 11 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.  You can download the ZH App from the App Store for quick access to most of the functions.

The counterweight is used to adjust the iPhone in any position which ensures steady video filming and prevents bumpy pictures. I’d suggest you watch a tutorial on YouTube, as it will help you master the Zhiyun Smooth 4.

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3. Snoppa’s Video Stabilizers for iPhoneSnoppa's Video Stabilizers for iPhone

Do you want to shoot like a professional videographer, here the best gadget for you to fulfill your wish in your budget? A Snoppa is built with the smartest electronic hardware which can control the motors to make restitution arm movements and make stabilize shots.

You can quickly fix your device in this gimbal and to shoot videos from different angles just fit the iPhone in the center. The unique structure is made up of a black PC to ensures an excellent grip of the device with an elegant and sleek look. 

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4. Hohem 3-Axis Gimbal for iPhoneHohem 3-Axis Gimbal for iPhone

Eliminate shaky videos and pictures from your album by buying this stabilizer and make your every weekend unforgettable. This gimbal can also be used to charge the camera, with its long-lasting 4000mAh battery capacity. Also if you want to charge your iPhone, you can load without any disturbance in the shooting.

The advanced features such as Inception Mode, Live Stream mode, Time-Lapse, Auto-Tracking, Slow Motion, and three different panorama modes are available to make your album more professional. It provides flexible axis manipulation along with three different hand-held positions such as upside-down and vertical.

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5. EVO Gimbals -Video Stabilizers for iPhoneEVO Gimbals -Video Stabilizers for iPhone

Don’t let down the video quality of the iPhone by filming with your hands, go for EVO gimbals and make every shoot professional and smooth. On the side, you will get controls like record and zoom by just pairing the device with a joystick. Advance three stabilization modes provide you the freedom to shoot videos and capture images.

Automatically tracking objects, shooting of videos intelligently with perfect 180 degrees and 330-degree panorama mode, and many such real-time features make this gimbal the best buy. The battery of this stabilizer can run up to 10 hours which you will never find in any other device likewise charge your iPhone with 1A output.

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6. X-CAM Creative SightX CAM Mini Gimbal for iPhone

The cheapest Gimbal ever for you is here to capture your best moments professionally. The two-axis stabilizer will help you to take pictures and shoot videos in motion with excellent clarity.

Get stable connectivity with your iPhone via the latest Bluetooth version besides you can also connect other smartphones. It is the most recommended stabilizer because it is light, portable, elegant, and foldable to carry anywhere. This Gimbal is compatible with the devices below 5.5” inches. 

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7. FeiyuTech Foldable Pocket Gimbal for iPhoneFeiyu Gimbal VLOG Pocket

FeiyuTech keeps the perfect balance between your work and pocket, its tiny size is one reason why people buy this gimbal. It is a three-axis stabilizer that has a smart way to control the shaky effects from the videos and shoot videos like a pro.

Creatively designed and travel-sized to carry in your pocket or bag so that when you need you can instantly take out. Enhance the smoothness of the picture and video by bringing this stabilizer and make every shot cinematic. Made for everyone, grab it right now.

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