Install iOS Beta to Public iOS in iPhone/ iPad: Unenroll Apple Device

Are you enrolled your iOS device for text new first release of iOS version for trial purpose? That was good decision but on regular new update in beta don’t gives option to switch on public version automatically. For that we need to Unenroll our devices (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch and Mac) manually. Yes, we can remove our device from Beta update and install public release iOS version. also Prepare for install iOS Beta to Public iOS in iPhone/ iPad.

For the iOS 10 users have a right time for Unenroll device from get iOS 10 upcoming beta version. If your iPhone/ iPad or other apple device use it primary basis like payment, Purchase and Store important data then don’t let down, Keep installed public secure tested version always. After 25 days on approximate time, iOS 10 public version will be released in September 2016 with New iPhone 7 launch time.

So, iOS 10 Public Beta 4 or Beta 5 running iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch can get update notification for iOS 10 public in Settings app.

Steps for move iOS Beta to Public iOS in iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10 Beta to iOS 10 Public

Switch iOS Beta to Public iOS in iPhone, iPad

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap on General under the Settings app.

3: Scroll Down and Tap on Profile > iOS Beta Software Program.

Remove iOS beta profile from iPhone

4: Then, Tap on Delete Profile.

Delete iOS beta program from iDevice

Now you’re done, for upcoming new iOS update you are only eligible for receive or use iOS 10 (iOS 10 compatible Devices). iOS 8 or 9 Users also go for the same way to switch to latest public iOS on compatible devices.

Alternate Ways to Unenroll Apple Device

Unenroll Device using iTunes quite longer but very helpful, in case you don’t get help from above steps.

Note: Same for macOS user can remove Device from participated List.

Delete your Beta Account from Apple

By doing this, you will leave the program completely and no longer able to receive update on upcoming Beta iOS.

Unenroll iOS or Macos Beta program

Go here and Login with your Apple ID and Password. Move last on page and click on Leave Apple Beta Software Program > Leave Program.

Touch with us for more useful stuff and tips on Update iOS Beta to Public iOS in iPhone/ iPad/ iPod. Or macOS on Macbook, iMac as well.


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