Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Price, Specs of 2024

Get here all All you need to know about the latest iPhone 13 iPhone 13 release date, price, specs, and leaks of 2021.

iPhone 13 has been enjoying the limelight now as Apple has yet to announce a release date for the launch. However, September, which is the traditional month for launching new iPhones, is just days away, and the anticipation among the iPhone users is just going up day by day. The regular rumors give us a sneak peek of what the new iPhone will look like, along with some of the specs. 

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will come out with a 120Hz LTPO display, efficient 5G modem, and better battery life. In addition, all the cameras of the new iPhone underwent substantial upgrades improving their quality. There is also a new feature of portrait mode in the video segment.

All you need to know about the latest iPhone 13

We are expecting four models of iPhone 13, just like its predecessor iPhone 12. It is expected that the new iPhone’s notch will shrink on every model. The always-on display is finally coming to iPhones with their latest series. 

iPhone 13 release date 

Apple hasn’t released any official announcement about the release date of the iPhone 13. Since September is Apple’s traditional month to release their new iPhones, everyone speculates its release around the third week of September. A new rumor from Digi Times backs up this claim by stating that Apple will hold multiple meetings in September. The iPhone 13 should be out in the market by the fourth Friday of September 2021 if Apple follows the same pattern for their previous launches.

Apple iPhone 13 Series was announced in the Apple event on the 14th of September in its California streaming event.

Apple iPhone 13 Series Pre-order starting at 5:00 a.m. PDT on 9.17. and iPhone 13 All models are Available starting 24th September 2021.

iPhone 13 price  

Just like iPhone 12, Apple is coming out with four models of the new iPhone 13. Apple keeps the price of each new generation of iPhones close to the one preceding it. The new iPhones can range from $699 to $1,199. They are just assumptions, and the actual price is yet to be confirmed by Apple.

iPhone 13 specs

Just like everything else, there has been no official statement from Apple regarding the specs of their latest iPhone 13. However, from all the leaks and rumors going around, here are a few of the specs that you might see in the newest iPhone:


The phone’s overall design is similar to the iPhone 12, and there aren’t any significant changes. However, there are rumors that the rear camera design might change with diagonal lens arrangements. So, more or less, the design of the iPhone 13 will be similar to that of its predecessor.


There are expectations that the screen sizes and resolutions will be the same on all iPhone 13. In addition, it is rumored that the iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max will support 120 Hz refresh rates which means that the on-screen images will be smoother to scroll through. It will also feature an always-on display for the first time in the history of iPhones.


There are also speculations that both the Pro handsets will get upgrades with an Ultra-wide shoot mode and a better quality telephoto lens. In addition, rumors are that all four iPhone 13 models will have LiDAR to improve the quality of depth perception. The video mode is also suspected of having undergone some changes to improve quality and will feature an portrait mode. 


All four iPhone 13 will get an A15 chipset, but we will have to wait and see how powerful they are. There are also speculations that Apple might bring out a 1TB phone, allowing for the largest iPhone sizes in history.


If we go by rumors, the batteries in the new iPhone will be more prominent in size for better backup. It is expected that iPhone 13 will offer a 3,095mAh cell, which means you can expect better battery backup than the previous iPhones. 

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