Fix iPhone Won’t Turn Off (iPhone 15, 14) Stuck or Frozen

here are alternate ways to Turn off iPhone. Is even the side button not working on iPhone or any iPhone? No matter.

I am getting surprised while I am trying to turn off my iPhone using a side button. On my iPhone X or later Full-screen iPhone models, the Continuous press side button activates Siri in place of Slide to power off-screen. Let’s check how to turn off the iPhone without the Side button or Sleep/Wake button if it isn’t turning off using the side button.

Apple’s new iPhone, All shortcuts for operating iPhone quite changed, but it’s now very easy. Now switch off iPhone without activating Siri with a long side button press.

Steps for Turn off iPhone Using Side Button: Fixed [iPhone X or later]

At the time to go, Right now way to turn off Apple iPhone is quite different for those who are jumped from the Old iPhone model. Right now We have to use Key combinations to Soft Restart or Hard Reset the Apple Devices [iPhone, iPad].

  • Volume Up Button + Sleep/Wake button to Get Slide to Power Off Option. See the Below Picture.
Turn off Your iPhone using the Side buttons
Turn off Your iPhone using the Side buttons.

That’s it. Also, Find Alternate ways to turn off your iPhone without a Side button [Given in this Article] Easily or In some situations when the side button won’t work or is Damaged.

4 Ways to Turn Off iPhone Without Side Button

Method 1: From Settings App

Go to the Settings app on iPhone (Also this option is available on other iOS 11 & Later) General > Scroll Down and find Shut Down.

4 restart iPhone X without side button

This method is useful for soft restarting iPhones. But doesn’t work and helps to fix your problems must try hard to restart.

Method 2: Using Assistive Touch

We can enable and Customize assistive touch to manage all shortcuts or add/remove control in Assistive touch. Know how to customize assistive touch on iPhone. [Add Restart option in Assistive touch]

Now from the home screen or lock screen, we can restart iPhone.

2 Restart iPhone X without Side button

Hard Restart iPhone

Quickly press and release the volume up button, Now Quickly Press and release the volume down button. Finally, Press and Hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen and after that black screen.

Hard Reboot iPhone Step by Step
Hard Reboot iPhone Step by Step

Again press and hold the side button only to start your iPhone like before.

Disable or Stop Activating Siri When Press Only On Side Button:

  • Go to the Settings > Accessibility > Side Button > Off (Select off under PRESS AND HOLD TO SPEAK).
1 Turn off Siri activate using Side button on iPhone X

Officially, no custom settings make your Side button turn off your iPhone. Go to the Settings below to turn off the iPhone quickly.

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