Fix iTunes Error 3194 on iPhone or iPad: Error 3600, 17, 1739 Restoring, Updating

iTunes errors while restoring or updating the iPhone 12 Pro Max, 11, 7(Plus), 8(Plus), or iPad Pro or iPad Air, here are few solutions.

The main reason behind the error Popup showing with iPhone 12 upgrade, Downgrade or Restore is your iTunes not communicating to Apple Server. Let’s quickly get the solution and complete iOS update, Downgrade or Restore process that has been stuck on iTunes error 3194 iPhone 12, iTunes error 3600 iPhone 12, iTunes Error 17 iPhone 12 and iTunes Error 1639 iPhone 12 message, Error 0xe80000, 0xe8000015, 0xe800002d.

Popup Says: “iPhone could not be restored error 3194, An unknown error occurred.”

Below steps are recommended by Apple, and our experience meet your fix or bypass these all error.

Bypass the Error message on iPhone Updating or restoring: 3194, 17, 1639, 3600

1 Error 3194 iTunes fixed with iPhone X

Solution 1: First Update iTunes: Unknown error 3194 iTunes

Installed and running iTunes is outdated and old version. Check for new update available on iTunes. Open iTunes > Help Menu > Check for Updates

Otherwise, Uninstall iTunes from Mac or PC > Download and install the latest version of iTunes.

iTunes for Windows

Solution 2: Edit and Check Your Hosts File

To Edit Host File on Windows PC or Laptop: Get Windows Tutorial

Suddenly you got Unknown error occurred 3194 iTunes

There is a wrong entry in Host file that unable to connect your computer to Apple Server. Ways to edit host file Mac and Windows are different follow the guide below,

For Mac

Go to Terminal (Type Terminal in spotlight search)

Type this command: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts

Enter your Mac password that is you using to log in your Mac. You will not see the password that you type in terminal.

1 iTunes error 3194 iPhone X fix

See the host file you look like this,

Use Arrow key to move down cursor at the last line.

Add # Symbol at the beginning of the line that means it works like the comment the line.

Press “Control + O” to save the file. Press return from the keyboard if you asked for the password.

Press and Hold: Control + X key to exit the editor.

Restart your Mac.

Solution 3: Manage TCP/IP filtering, Firewall, and Security Software

Uninstall or Disable installed security software

Check your internet is working (Change network, Security purpose Your WiFi router is blocking the connection)

Restart your System and Router. Also, contact your apple service provider.

Solution 4: Restore or Update from another computer

Try restoring and updating iOS on another computer or other internet connection. All errors automatically re-fix if the problem on the System or by switching to another system.

The alternate system you can use from Office, At home or Friend’s PC (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) Or Mac (MacOS High Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, Yosemite).

If you help this tips to fix error 3194 iPhone 12, or Other error code: 3600, Error 17, 1639. Comment me or Like & Share.

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