How do i lock iPhone screen without the power button?

This guide is for those people whose iPhone sleep/wake button is broken, or the power button does not work properly. So definitely, they are exploring any best apps or bypass option to lock iPhone screen without the power button. Though, if you are suffering from same issue and your iPhone has under the Apple coverage, then you should go to the Apple Store. Otherwise, to lock the screen of your iPhone without the power button, the following information must comply.

The Apple is a techno company familiar around the world. It makes hardware and creates its own powerful operating system. Its running iOS version is the ‘’iOS 9’’. In the pack, you get a most useful feature called ‘Assistive touch’. It gives you an annoying white dot that you can use to lock the screen without having to wait for auto lock and a good option to lock the iPhone screen without the lock button. So let know below, how to lock iPhone screen without the power button.

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Note: This magic way, you can apply for all iPhone models like iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus/6/ 6 plus/ 5S/5/5C.

Source to lock iPhone screen without the power button

Step 1. You need enabled Assistive touch on your iPhone screen. If it turns off, then follow the way to turn on Assistive touch on iPhone. Otherwise, go with under given steps.

SettingsGeneralAccessibility → Make toggle Assistive touch ON.lock iPhone screen without the power button iOS 9, iOS 8

Step 2. Tap on Assistive touch

Step 3. Press on Device

Step 4. Now tap on Lock Screen iconlock iPhone screen without sleep/wake button on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6 plus

You’re done.

Hope, you would like to lock iPhone screen without the power button; because you can also reboot iPhone without power button (just make long press on lock screen icon appear on assistive touch). After the lock screen, you can turn on your iPhone using home button. Furthermore, with Assistive touch you can access many features like summon to Siri, hit control center, volume up/ Volume down, Shake, multitasking, take screenshot without lock button on iPhone.

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