How to iPhone Volume up or down without button iOS 16.3

How to Volume up or down on iPhone without button

The Accessibility Settings can provide you a way to Volume up or down on iPhone without a button. There are lots of users’ arguments against the iPhone sleep/wake or Home button not working. While some of the report their problem as not working such button of Volume up or down on the iPhone. Till the iPhone 5S model, Apple offers round shape designed Volume up and down button. But in iPhone 6 and 6 plus that design has been changed by the Apple as Sleep/wake button quay.

Even while you watching video or audio music, Songs and you want to increase or decrease volume with a broken button or doesn’t work volume button. Then this article can help you and give you an alternate way to control your iPhone volume.

I think you feeling this way is impossible, But no this is true and its potential using Assistive touch. Just do enable and get the option to do volume up/down. Might you’re unknown concern of Assistive touch feature? So get here how to turn on Assistive touch on iPhone. After turning on Assistive touch follow the below-outlined way to reach the volume down/up the tab and do your action like Volume up or down on iPhone without a button.

Steps through know how to Volume up or down on iPhone without button

First of All, you will have to Put a Home button on the touch screen on your Phone. then go to the bottom steps. if you have already added the touch screen button then keep continuing.

Step 1. Tap on Assistive touch

Step 2.  Now touch on the Device option

How to Volume up or down on iPhone without button

Step 3.  You get now Volume Up and Volume Down icons.

You’re done.

As per necessary sound, you can do volume high/low by tapping on the Volume Up icon or Volume don icon respectively.

Even if your iPhone is under the coverage of Insurance then you have a great chance to put out a new button free of cost or a little bit of charge.

Please share your query; hence we could try to find a solution for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. And yeah don’t forget to share this way (Volume up or down on iPhone without button) with you buddy.

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