50+ Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners & Experts in 2024

Here are the Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac for files, Finder, Document, and MacBook running for all macOS Versions.

Nowadays, everyone uses the computer to create, edit and print docs, watch online videos, fill out online forms, and many more. The keyboard shortcuts for mac lets you be creative with how to use your technology. These shortcuts will make automation more fun. In other words, they will improve your work and takes less time; refer to them and get used to them.

There are many shortcuts to use on a mac. Most importantly, these Mac shortcut combinations can use the command key, including the modifier keys. Below is the most helpful modifier keys list.

Mac’s Modifier keys –

  • Command ⌘
  • Shift ⇧
  • Option ⌥
  • Control ⌃
  • Caps Lock ⇪
  • Fn

Common shortcuts that you must know

The shortcuts for mac let people automate repetitive tasks. It connects functionality from different apps to solve problems. The shortcuts let you be creative with how you use your technology. It is pretty simple to prepare any text document; you need to know basic computer keyboard shortcuts. Let us see them.

Keyboard ShortcutsDescriptions – How to Use
Command-ASelect all
Command-PPrint the current document
Command-FTo find items
Command-HHide the windows of the front app
Command-MMinimize the front window to the Dock
Command-OOpen the selected item
Command-SSave the current document
Command-TOpen a new Tab
Command-TabSwitch apps
Command-QQuit app
Command-Space barFind files/ To search Spotlight
Option-Command-EscForce quit app
Common shortcuts of keyboard


Use Command-N to open a new finder window. It helps to create a new folder in the finder. You can try the below shortcuts.

Command-Shift-HOpens home folder in finder
Command-Shift-DOpens desktop folder in finder
Command-Shift-AOpens the Applications folder
Command-Shift-UOpens the utilities folder in the finder
SpacebarSelect the file and Press the Space key to Quickly See Preview of the file in finder, the Esc key to Close Quicklook.
Mac keyboard shortcut for finder

Switching Windows

The switching windows help users to scroll through all open applications. Hold the command key, press the Tab key, and tap on the left or right arrow key to switch a particular window. In the end, release the command key.


1Command + WTo close all active windows
2Command-⇧ Shift-HOpens home folder in finder
3Command-⇧ Shift-DOpens desktop folder in finder
4Command-⇧ Shift-AOpens the Applications folder
5Command-⇧ Shift-UOpens the utilities folder in the finder
6^Control – Command – Power/EjectTo Reboot or restart your Mac
7⌘Command – ⌥Option – ^Control – Power/EjectTo Shut Down your Mac
8⌘Command – ⇧Shift – QTo Log off of your Mac
9⌥Option – ⌘Command – ESCTo Force Quit an app
10⌘Command – ⌥Option – Power/EjectTo put your Mac to sleep
11⇧Shift – ^Control – Power/EjectTo turn off your Mac’s display
12⌘Command + ^Control + QTo quickly lock your MacBook
Mac keyboard shortcut for desktop

Show Desktop

F11 or (Fn + F11)Show Desktop Quickly


There are two shortcuts to quit all apps and shut down mac.

  • Press the ^Control-⌥Option-Command-Power button; or 
  • Command – ⌥Option – ^Control – Power/Eject.


The screenshot is a simple and easiest way to keep the necessary contents in our device. It works on all smartphones and computers. In Mac, there is a simple shortcut to take a screenshot.

  • Tap and hold the given keys together: Shift +Command + 3.

You can save the screenshot to your desktop for future use.

Mission Control

Like switching windows, the mission control helps to view all open windows on your Mac. It is easy to switch to full-screen mode with mission control.

Step.1)➞ Tap on the f3 key.

Step.2)➞ Swipe up with three on your trackpad, or you may use four fingers.

Step.3)➞ Open the Mission Control app from the application and tap the Motion control key on your Apple Keyboard or Touch Bar.

Step.4)➞ Tap on the surface twice with two fingers.

Spotlight Search

The spotlight search saves you time searching for any content and apps. Hit the command and space bar, and your spotlight search bar appears. You can easily convert currencies, do sums, and search the web.

Find Things in Documents

You can find particular words or phrases as you want on documents.

Press the  ⌘Command + F, and mac will highlight the words on a specific page.

Zoom in/Out

Use the zoom in/out shortcut key for zooming, scroll around the page, and zoom out.

⌘Command and +To zoom in the active window
⌘Command and –To zoom out the active window
⌘Command and 0For Default (normal)
Zoom in/Out

Open files from the keyboard

There is a shortcut way to open file from the keyboard. follow the steps below:

Step.1)➞ Select your file in a finder or on the desktop

Step.2)➞ Press ⌘Command– ⬇down arrow and double click on it.

In another option, you can Tap on ⌘Command-O to open a file.

Rename file

To rename file follow the steps below:

Step.1)➞ Choose the file.

Step.2)➞ Tap the Return key to rename it, and

Step.3)➞ Click on the Return key, and it’s done.

Right click

The right-click helps users to perform cut, paste, save, and more actions. First, move to system preferences, and second, enable the right-click option for the mouse and Trackpad.

Press the F4 keySystem Preferences ➞ Click on Mouse optionPoint & click option ➞ Enable the secondary click option to click on the right side.

In the same vein, enable the secondary click option on the Trackpad.

Press the F4 keySystem Preferences ➞ Click on TrackpadPoint & click option ➞ Enable the secondary click option to click or tap with two fingers.

Delete key Shortcut

There are many ways to use the delete key directly and modifier keys. Clicking only a delete button deletes a forward character. Two more shortcuts are listed below.

⌘(Command) + DeleteTo delete a file or whole word
Fn key + DeleteTo Delete forward character
Delete key Shortcut

In conclusion, keyboard shortcuts are essential for repetitive automotive tasks and connect functionality from different applications. Moreover, you can create your shortcuts or use the shortcuts editor, which is redesigned from the ground up on Mac. Thanks!

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