Best Macro Photography Ideas in 2024

in this blog post, I’ll show you some cool ideas that you can use to take macro photos with iPhone Camera App (using superpowers full lens).

The backbone of all macro photography is photographing miniature objects and enlarging them beyond their 1:1 ratio. Mirrorless, DSLR, and even smartphone cameras are ideal for capturing all of life’s little details.

For example, you can grab creative macro shot around the house, abstract, unusual, indoor, kitchen, garden. These all are cool example of macro photography ideas that you can take on your iPhone caemra lens. let’s go down below to read in-depth.

What is Macro Photography? Examples of Macro Photos and Videos

Macro lenses, extension tubes, bellows, and reverse adapter rings can all be used to obtain photos of small objects. These provide a shorter focus distance. As a result, as compared to a regular lens, you receive higher magnification. The focus distance ring on some lenses has a macro setting printed on it. However, this doesn’t conclude that they are authentic macro lenses.

Authentic macro photography entails a different set of skills. It occurs when the topic’s projection on your camera sensor is the same size as the subject. It is a 1:1 magnification ratio, commonly known as life-size magnification.

The most challenging element is undoubtedly deciding on a subject. Beginners believe that to generate intriguing macro shots, they must be outside among exotic flora and insects. However, interesting macro scenes are available anywhere. Even in your home! Take a peek around where you’re now standing! I’m sure you’ll come up with a few ideas that will inspire you.

If you’re not shooting outdoors, then the first step is to find a suitable backdrop so that you can take these shots more quickly indoors. If you’re a portrait photographer, you might already have some colorful backdrops that you could use for these macro shots. Don’t worry if you don’t. Drape a shirt, tablecloth, or sheet over a cardboard box to create a backdrop suitable for macro photography.

Macro photography ideas you should try on iPhone Pro and Pro Max Model

Apple debuted Macro mode with the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, a new camera function specific to the Pro models that brings the incredibly complex world of close-up macro photography to iPhones for the first time. With Macro mode turned on, you can shoot photos or videos of subjects as close as 2cm away from your iPhone’s camera lens. It means you can now photograph flowers, textures, insects, or pretty much anything small or close up with accurate focus, rich detail, and no blurring.

A few macro photography ideas

1. CD and Water Droplets


This is the #1 among all macro photography ideas at home with phone. A CD is a popular subject for “homemade” macro photography. You may have to go through some drawers, but I believe most photographers have some old CDs stashed elsewhere. If at all possible, choose one that is free of scratches. If you tilt the CD concerning your light source, you’ll get some intriguing color patterns.

Spray the CD with water droplets and experiment with depth of field to add even more fun. Propping up the CD and shooting from a tripod will allow you to get higher-quality shots with longer exposures.

2. Ice Crystals and Ice Cube


All the fantastic macro photo ideas and subjects hide behind a cold fridge. If you have genuine snowflakes on hand, you can use those as well. Simple ice cubes, on the other hand, make excellent macro subjects. They can be made to resemble crystals or diamonds.

All you as a user need is to experiment with lighting and depth of field. It is a good winter macro photography idea that you can try. 

3. Bubbles In Drinks


Carbonated water or ice-cold beer are good for more than just quenching your thirst. You can use it in your macro photography or your macro photography. First, serve the drink in an appropriate glass or container for your topic and allow the bubbles in the sparkling wine to create chains in an elongated champagne glass. After that, serve the beverage in a glass from a well-known coke brand.

4. Stones and Minerals


Even in front of your door, you can find stones. They may not appear to be exciting at first. They are, nonetheless, excellent macro subjects for your photography. They will be an unusual form of macrophotography. They form a repeating pattern in which no two stones or rocks are the same.

Each one will be different in terms of color, shape, and texture. Use them individually or in a group. To get different results, change the depth of field. You can’t go wrong with this.

5. Fruits and Vegetables


Macro photography with fruits and vegetables is an excellent place to start for cool macro photography ideas. You’re halfway through the process if you have some lying around the house. You see a new universe when you look at them up close. They’ll provide you with a wide range of color and contrast, as well as intriguing shapes, textures, and patterns.

They might be abstract or blown out to life-size to create a strong presence. You may even slice them up and photograph the interiors using a macro lens. Fruits like oranges, lemons, and kiwis make excellent subjects. Passion fruits, pomegranates, and figs are all excellent macro subjects.

6. Oil and Water


Because the outcomes are gorgeous and varied, this is one of the most popular creative ideas on this list. Drip some oil into a bowl of water, then picture the setup from above. Obtain a baking dish or another broad container with a transparent bottom. Place the baking dish on top of some tall objects to create space beneath it and pour roughly a spoonful of oil into it after filling it halfway with water.

Gently stir the oil until it disperses across the water’s surface. Place your camera over the baking dish and compose straight down. Play around with light color and direction, as well as sliding colored objects under your baking plate.

7. Textiles Or Microfiber Cloth


Clothing and textiles are relatively simple to work with. There’s a good possibility you already have a variety of them in your home. Different threads and color variations are all worth photographing when you’re nearby! Abstraction is an excellent tool to employ. Textile is pliable as well. To help attract the viewer’s eye, you can use textures, patterns, and compositional lines. 

8. Leaves, Flowers, Plants of indoor Garden


A garden macro photography idea that you might use is photographing leaves. Anything natural can be used as a source of macro photography inspiration. Leaves are unique because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. After falling from the tree, they change color, size, shape, and texture.

You can play around with this subject, even depicting the change of seasons through color changes. They have a texture that resembles an aerial image of tributary rivers.

9. Food macro Photography ideas

Food photography is one of the areas where macro photography takes off. Ideas for kitchen macro photography are plentiful. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing well-dressed platters piled high with delectable treats? More oversized food items can be photographed in close-up macro mode.

Alternatively, one can use little bits such as candies or even colorful sugar sprinkles. Getting close emphasizes the object’s beauty, texture, and colors while also bringing out the flavor in the viewer’s palate. The most excellent part about food photography is that you get to eat the stuff you’re photographing.


Even when we’re staying indoors, it’s essential to keep our photography muscles limber, and the themes shown here are a fantastic place to start. It’s also worth noting that none of these ideas necessitates using a macro lens or any other specialized equipment.

All you need is creativity and flexibility! So get your camera ready, find some intriguing subjects, and have a good time.

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