4 Steps to Fix Merge To Email Greyed Out in Word on Mac

Merge To Email Greyed Out in Word

A messy malfunction of Microsoft Word features can break workflow. At times, many users have complained about Merge-To Email greyed out when trying to Mass mail on Mac using Excel in Outlook. Are you one of them? Then, you come to the right spot. Here in this article, we will show you a practical way to fix it. 

4 Steps to Fix Merge to E-Mail Button Greyed Out

It can be annoying when Merge To Email option goes missing in Microsoft Word. But there are effective ways to fix it. 

1. Make Outlook Default Mail App on Mac

If you are trying to bulk mail using Outlook on Mac, you will need to set Outlook as the default mail app. Or else, you won’t be able to successfully compile the task and receive numerous errors, such as, Merge To Email option greyed out. 

Here is how to set up Outlook as the default mail app on Mac. 

  1. Open the Apple Mail App.
  2. Select Mail from the menu bar. Click Settings…
Open Mail app settings on Mac
Open Mail app settings on Mac
  1. Go to General Tab.
  2. Click on Default email Reader drop-down and choose Microsoft Outlook.
Set Microsoft Outlook as Default app on Mac
Set Microsoft Outlook as Default app on Mac

2. Insert Merge Field

Add at least one field from your recipient list to the document, such as last name or phone number.” Warning message. fix it,


Have you inserted at least one merge field, such as phone number, last name, email, etc., in the email message body? If not, immediately add it by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word File.
  2. Select Mailing from the toolbar.
Mailings Settings on Word Mac
Mailings Settings on Word Mac
  1. Click on Insert Merge Field drop-down. And pick the desired merge, for instance, Mobile Number, Email, etc. – These are the Data showing from your imported contacts list.
Insert Fields data in word mac
Insert Fields data in word mac

After this, from the same screen, click on Finish & Merge at the top right corner.

Add Dynamic Data Field
Add Dynamic Data Field

And check whether the option Merge-To Email is clickable or not. 

3. Force Quit Microsoft Word

Force quitting often sorts out unresponsive apps and their features. Therefore try force-quitting Microsoft Word to fix the issue. Select the Apple Logo > Force Quit option.

Force Quit Word app
Force Quit Word app

Now, click on Microsoft Word and then Force Quit Button.  

Force Quit Microsoft Word
Force Quit Microsoft Word

4. Restart Mac Computer [Helpful]

Restating the Mac computer is an effective way to fix the temporary glitch causing the issue, like a bug within Microsoft Word. It’s a tried and tested method to troubleshoot app-related problems. 

Restart Mac
Restart Mac

Select the Apple Logo > Restart… After your Mac restarts, open the Microsoft Word file, select Mailing from the toolbar, and click File & Merge.

Next, check the Merge To Email option. If still greyed out, move to the following trick.

5. Update Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word may not work correctly if not updated to the latest version. Additionally, Microsoft Word rolls out frequent updates to squash bugs. Follow the steps to update Microsoft Word on Mac. 

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Select Updates from the left side panel.
  3. Click on the Update Button next to Microsoft Word. 

That’s It!

Final Thought!

Conclusively, if the Merge To Email option isn’t working on Microsoft Word, the above-mentioned should rectify the issue. Remember, while performing the mass mailing procedure, remember to Insert at least one merge field in the message body.

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