Best DJ Software For Mac In 2024

Here's the Top best DJ Software For Mac from Djay Pro Al, Mixxx, Mixvibes, Serato DJ Pro,TRAKTOR PRO 3...

Music production is an exciting career. But it can’t be pocket friendly, especially if you are starting out. You have to buy must-have music equipment and then invest your precious time in learning. Thankfully, even the most affordable Mac can be a creative tool when equipped with DJ software. This way, you can pursue your music production experience without spending much.

There are vivid DJ apps available, making some of the best DJ Software around. So whether it’s your first step to this career or a mid-level producer, there is likely software for you. But how to find the best one from the sky with endless stars? Fuss not; we’ve done work for you.

Best DJ Software For Mac In 2023

Here is the best DJ software for Mac for your next big track. Work excellently with these Best Mac Accessories for Musicians.

1. Djay Pro AI


​​Djay Pro AI from Algoriddim turns your Mac into a fantastic DJ setup with numerous features. It lets you play and remix the singular elements from the multiple-tracks in real time. You can quickly isolate vocals, instruments, and beats of any track. As you can quickly access the tracks of various genres from SoundCloud, Music, Tidal, Beatport, and beat source, your task of mix-matching becomes handy. It has a user-friendly interface and features, offering easy learning and navigating between features for beginners and professionals. 

Some standout aspects are Sequencer and Looper, AI Effect Routing, AI Waveform, and AI Multi-Crossfading. In addition, this DJ app for Mac supports must also have music formats, such as .wav, .aac, .mp3, and .aiff.

Download: DJAY Pro AI

2. Mixxx


Mixxx distinguishes itself by supporting various professional-level features at no cost. The open-source app exceeds exceptions by allowing you to customize it if you know a bit of coding. 

It includes BPM and Music Key detection that helps to find our perfect next track from your library. In addition to that, the built-in mapping for DJ controller hardware offers handy control to the Mixxx feature. Many powerful aspects include Vinyl Control Record, Beet-Looping, Hot Cues, Four Decks, etc.

All the options and features are well-labeled and easily accessible. The only drawback is its open-source software that is subjected to instability.

Download: Mixxx

3. Mixvibes


If you want the DJ software for Mac with minimalist UI, Mixvibes is on to go. It’s paid software with a free trial, offering a great way to start with. Some of the highlights include support for two decks and integration of iTunes. The higher version costs $49, allowing you to use up to 4 decks, but for this, you will need to integrate the Remix Video with Ableton Live. 

It has a clean UI. However, you can still customize the UI to make it to your own taste. Besides, you can play with four-player waveforms simultaneously and add three-player synchronized effects per player. It includes SoundCare+ with access to millions of underground and premium tracks. Three versions are available: Cross DJ Free, Cross DJ 4, and Cross DJ 4 Pro. 

Download: Mixvibes

4. Serato DJ Pro


If you are a professional DJ, the Serato DJ is designed for you. It comes with some of the unpacked features that are overdue: the practice mode lets you try out the blends and mixes using two decks and a crossfader with no hardware. In addition, this Software version gives you a clear and sharp interface without the jagged graphics. 

Its 64-bit revamped software means it runs smoother with more stability. Although it doesn’t offer something unique, it’s trustworthy DJ software for Mac. 

Download: Serato DJ Pro



Native Traktor Pro software is one of the most popular software released for Mac. Traktor is actually the best sample & remix dex, sound effect, loop recorder, and BPM algorithm for any DJ app installed on Mac. The range of aspects in the Tracktor is notably huge; it supports 4 decks, each of which can store up to 64 samples, having some excellent sync controls that track the beat grid, tempos, and a musical key.

It includes iTunes and Spotify, and many more. All I can say is when it comes to DJ controller compatibility and features, the Traktor Pro 3 is one of the most potent and trusted DJ software out there.  

Download: Traktor Pro 3 

Final Thought!

Here we end with the best DJ software for Mac. Which software do you prefer having, do let us know in the comment section below.

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