MyFitnessPal Reviews 2023: iPhone, Android, Mac, Apple Watch

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MyFitnessPal is one of the most well-known online fitness and wellness applications in the market. MyFitnessPal assists you with monitoring your day-to-day food and drinks admission, computing every one of your supplements, calories, and nutrients for you. This empowers you to analyze instances and determine whether your eating routine is missing or where you want to scale back a bit.

MyFitnessPal’s “HelloHealthy” blog is stacked with incredible recipes, exercises, and many well-being and health tips. MyFitnessPal is also associated with many well-known movements, GPS trackers, and versatile applications, for example, the Fitbit, the Lumo Lift, and the Polar Loop. These gadgets can follow your moves, calories consumed, and busy time, and the sky is the limit from there.

Past all that, MyFitnessPal offers a Facebook-like local area segment. You can find and follow companions, share your exercise and food journals, and get inspiration, motivation, and responsibility for your mission.

One explanation for why MyFitnessPal is so well known is that it also has a version that is 100% free! No “free preliminaries” or hustle premium versions here, no sir. Just set up with a couple of promotions and you’re all set.

MyFitnessPal Supported Device & Browsers

MyFitnessPal app is supported on both the operating systems, Android and iOS systems. Any update for Android 9.0 or higher and iOS 14 or higher works the best with MyFitnessPal. No matter whether it is smartphones, iPhones, Apple Watch, Windows, or Mac. 


Moreover, MyFitnessPal can also be accessed through websites. The compatible browsers for the same are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How MyFitnessPal works?

It is exceptionally easy to use MyFitnessPal. This is the way our essential cycle works:

  • It’ll suggest an everyday Net Calorie focus to accomplish your wellness profile’s weight reduction (or gain) objectives.
  • As you eat and practice over the day, you want to log your dinners and practice in our Food and Exercise journals. MyFitnessPal will work out the number of calories you’ve consumed from food and burned with exercise and let you in on the number of calories you have left to eat for the afternoon. Assuming you stick to your calorie limits, you should accomplish the weight reduction (or gain) you’re looking for.
  • The most fascinating aspect of this framework is that logging gets simpler the more you make it happen. MyFitnessPal recalls the food sources and activities you like most and makes it simple to add those things to your journal. In only a couple of days, logging can be as quick as 30 seconds — it’s, in a real sense, that simple.
  • Occasionally (preferably once per week), you ought to gauge yourself and register your new weight with the site or the application involving our Check-In component (or “Progress” page in the application). Checking in your weight permits us to keep tabs on your development over the long run and change your calorie objectives to mirror your new weight.

That is all there is to it! Only a couple of minutes daily can show you what you’re eating and how that influences your well-being. It is advisable making the additional stride and go Premium for the high-level client. 

MyFitnessPal Features

Fitness Community: MyFitnessPal’s people group viewpoint essentially comprises a discussion where other individual clients of the MyFitnessPal application are allowed to exchange tips, counsel each other, and make connections by sharing personal encounters.

Fitness Tracker: MyFitnessPal has more than 350 activities put away in its data set, and it shows how much every one of them consumes during a set, in light of their particular level, weight, and orientation. It incorporates most cardio and strength preparing exercises and yoga and Pilates.

Calorie Counter: The application’s calorie counter is a web-based journal of MyFitnessPal’s features. It permits individuals to layout simple objectives, and the application can add various food sources immediately. It also naturally stores food and dinners that you frequently eat, making it simple to find when you eat them once more and need to log them.

MyFitnessPal Premium App Features

  • Promotion Free

Zero in on achieving your objectives without interruption with an Ad-free version against a Premium subscription.

  • Macronutrients by Gram

Put forth macronutrient objectives by one or the other gram or rate. Calculate your calories, fats, and proteins by the gram for easier computation later.

  • Food Analysis

See which food varieties you’ve logged are ideal and which are redundant or making things worse for you.

  • Speedily Add Macronutrients

You can now add calories, fats, or proteins speedily to their macronutrients section.

  • Set Goals by Day

Put forth custom calorie and macronutrient objectives for any time.

  • Workout Calorie Settings
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Track practices without expanding your calorie or supplement goals.

  • Home Screen Dashboard

Effectively watch out for your supplement objectives instead of zeroing in exclusively on calories.

  • Instant Customer Support

Premium help demands are dealt with as our primary goal.

  • Information Export

Send out your feast level nourishment subtleties, progress history, and exercise history.

  • Macros by Meal

See a macronutrient breakdown for each supper you log just inside your journal.

  • Calorie Goals By Meal

Your calorie objectives are presently more straightforward to reach when they are calculated and segregated for you by individual meals.

  • Food Timestamps

Figure out what the planning of your dinners means for your energy and exercise, and that’s just the beginning.

  • Plans

Plans offer you the instruction and content you want to accomplish a well-being and wellness objective (accessible just on iPhone and Android for English clients. No iPad support).

  • Recipe Discovery

Log and bookmark your number one recipe to assist with arriving at your wellness objectives (accessible just on iPhone and Android in the US for English clients).

  • Gym Routines

Get sufficiently close to select Premium routine substance (accessible just on iPhone and Android for English clients).

  • Net Carbs

Substitute total carbs with Net Carbs for logging (accessible on iPhone and Android for the US and Canada).

MyFitnessPal premium cost & Subscription

MyFitnessPal has a free version that has the feature of nutrition tracking and basic assistance. While for more advanced features, such as meal scanning and exercise monitoring, you need to upgrade to the Premium version at the cost of $9.99 per month or $49.99 annually.

The distinction between the free version and the Premium version lies in the accessibility of various features. Over and above the free features, the Premium version includes 

  • meal scanning
  • calorie and fat consumption goal setting
  • customized fitness and nutrition plans
  • Customizable Home screen dashboard
  • Quick-add Carbs, fat & protein
  • Food analysis
  • Recipes
  • Ad-free experience 
  • Spreadsheet export option

MyFitnessPal Pros & Cons


  • Convenient: The application permits individuals to log food from any place and has a food data set of 3,282,000 various food sources to look over (can also add tweaked recipes to the data set). All changes made through your cellphone are likewise made on the website.
  • Quick Feedback: One investigation of overweight and diabetic individuals uncovered that self-checking of calories (going in and out) through “an electronic following system” or an iPhone application like MyFitnessPal, is compelling in getting more fit invigoratingly. It guaranteed that the advanced calorie journals are more compelling than conventional self-revealing since they give individuals direct criticism and provide data about what is good for them specifically.
  • Adaptability: MyFitnessPal is definitely not a one-size-fits-all application. The program determines caloric needs based on level, weight, orientation, and way of life. Individual eating routine profiles can be changed to fit an individual’s requirements, whether they are on a strict eating routine or have specific proposals from their primary care physician or dietitian.


  • Error Updating: While MyFitnessPal permits individuals to check the standardized tag of a food item to go into their advanced journal (and record all healthful data),
    • in some cases, the scanner won’t track down the item and requirements steady refreshing. Also, the program doesn’t allow individuals to alter specific measures of eaten food. 
  • Versatile Dependability: Yes, MyFitnessPal deals with the fitness goals, yet assuming there is no remote sign, it is difficult to sign on to try and keep anything in the application. In specific circumstances, individuals are not generally in regions with remote signals and can not keep a journal when they need to.
  • Well-being Drawback: Some might contend that simply counting calories isn’t an awesome or the best method for shedding pounds and keeping a solid life. While fundamental science says a calorie is a calorie, different elements are at play.
    • There are a few justifications for why food decisions should be founded on different perspectives – not simply calories.
    • Calorie counting is by all accounts the most direct and least demanding method for arriving at weight reduction and well-being objectives. Yet, various kinds of food impact the body in different ways.
    • A few food sources produce hormonal influences that store fat, discharge sugar or construct muscle.
    • Two separate weight control plans comprising similar measures of calories, yet with various varieties of fat, protein, and carbs, may have a vastly different satiety influence. That is why it’s essential to zero in on different types of food and the calories that accompany it to foster an appropriate eating plan.

MyFitnessPal Tips & Tricks

  1. If all else fails, overestimate.

It’s not super complicated, but many people boundlessly misjudge the calories that their food would account for. Cushion it with additional calories if you’re unsure about your calorie gauge. That way, unfortunate assessment won’t interfere with you.

  1. Utilize the function of ‘Quick Add Calories’ 

Simply tap the Quick Add Calories button if you touch on many modest bunches of junk at a party and don’t have the foggiest idea of the amount you ate. Utilize various calories that are accounted for more than you would like by approx. 30-50%.

Regardless of whether you’re misguided, you have a few limitations until the end of that particular day. Additionally, it would help if you recorded your disappointments to remain inside your calorie objectives. Denying their reality by not feeding the information is enticing. However, you ought to realize how frequently screw-ups occur and how extreme they can be.

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Doing this implies that MyFitnessPal will not have exact macros or micros for your intake. However, for this situation, some data is superior to no data.

  1. Use nourishment number crunchers on sites for chain cafés.

Chain eateries like Subway and Papa Murphy’s have smooth nourishment mini-computers on their sites that allow you to redo your request precisely how you want it. Getting your pizza with a dainty outside layer can help you cut down significant calories per portion, implying you can eat more than just a piece! Doing this early can bring magnificent bits of knowledge.

  1. Add custom food sources with clarifying names.

We will often set up similar dinner arrangements at our place and order the same items at restaurants. You can add those custom meals to your MyFitnessPal app, arranged precisely as you make it with a pleasant spellbinding name to make the information section more straightforward. 

  1. For home-prepared suppers, check fixings from bundles, enter them physically when required, and preclude irrelevant calorie fixings.

You can utilize the scanner through your phone camera to examine a pack of cereals and have their wholesome data guzzled directly in the MyFitnessPal app. In case, if you don’t approach the bundle, fixings can be placed physically. However, that is just required whenever you first utilize that fixing.

Things like lettuce, kale, and eggs are extremely low-calorie things that won’t burn through every last dollar. The count of macros and micros is exceptionally optional. Assuming you want to watch your sodium admission or need additional nitty-gritty data, you can add that to MyFitnessPal.

  1. Measure portions of food in simple measurements toward the starting to learn assessment.

Suppose you don’t do a lot of cooking. You might have no clue what a bowl of oatmeal rolls would seem to be, so you can allot 1 cup measurement for the initial times. Then, when you realize how full that bowl looks with a portion of cereal in it, then you don’t have to estimate. These assessments are adequately close.

The equivalent goes for gauging food things like meat.

  1. Just in case, do a second look for similar things in the application’s information base.

If you eat out at a local joint and they contain no wholesome information at all. There are two options, either you could attempt to figure out the calorie-huge fixings and count them independently, yet that is an excess of work, particularly for a plate of mixed greens.

Alternatively, you can check for a similar type of dish in the MyFitnessPal application and check the similarity between both items. If calorie-wise, it’s very close to the item you are having, you can add the latter in your tracking. The potential gain is that you get your micronutrient and macronutrient assessments too.

  1. Track food intake as soon as you eat it.

You won’t ever recollect the exact thing and the amount you ate as accurately as you do a while later. If you can see that as assuming you are running short on the number of calories or attempting to cut some short for a liberal treat.

Furthermore, you can choose to enter your calories before consuming the food to manage them more efficiently.

  1. Switch to the food journal’s scene mode to calculate micronutrients and macronutrients

The MyFitnessPal application on the iPhone shows your day-to-day food journal things and carbohydrate contents in a representation direction. You can be sure that you have all your macronutrients and macronutrient sums and objectives in scene direction.

  1. Ensure MyFitnessPal realizes your weight consistently

Let MyFitnessPal do your fair share from your Apple Health and Fitness bands or physically enter it. Assuming that the app has your weight data, it has an extraordinary, inspirational component that does something amazing to keep you on target.

For instance, you can have a FitBit wifi scale that logs your weight to Fitbit each day. You can then set up MyFitnessPal to get your Fitbit information without any problem.

  1. Utilize the feature of ‘Complete Entry’ every day on your MyFitnessPal food journal.

Once you successfully log your weight into the MyFitnessPal app, then go to the button that says ‘Complete Entry’ at the lower end of your journal by the day’s end. MyFitnessPal will compute five weeks from that particular day and stop for a minute you would gauge, assuming that each day’s eating habits would resemble today.

This is propelling to keep eating great when you see the critical weight that can be gone in 5 weeks.

Likewise, assuming you’ve had an awful day and see a message that says, “Assuming consistently were like today,

in 5 weeks you would gauge your weight +10 pounds,” it persuades you to ensure the next day isn’t like today.

  1. Show negative changes assuming you have a consistently on the tracker, particularly one with a pulse screen.
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Assuming you have an Apple Watch, FitBit, or similar device that syncs with the MyFitnessPal app, it will utilize its calorie consumption calculations from your activities that particular day to change your optimal calorie consumption. It truly demonstrates how little pieces of action can amount to enormous contrasts. 

MyFitnessPal Alternatives

1: Life Sum

One of the most well-known diet and exercise following options in contrast to MyFitnessPal is Lifesum. The application has attempted to get away from cliche names, for example, “calorie counter” and “diet application,” rather than marking itself a “computerized taking care of oneself application.”

Lifesum’s connection point is bright and eccentric, making it a hit with wellness powerhouses and famous with an advanced crowd. You can create your custom profile in only a few snaps, put forth dietary objectives, pick dietary inclinations, and get everything rolling on a problem-free dinner plan.

The application has a big food data set highlighting many food items and an underlying standardized tag scanner to make refreshing your food journal somewhat simpler. Assuming you’re attempting to hydrate or up your leafy foods admission, then Lifesum’s propensity trackers can assist you with building enduring, sound propensities.

The free format of Lifesum is available, yet you need to pay a little on a monthly membership to get to its full elements.

2: Lose It!

Lose It! is an application altogether committed to assisting its clients with getting more fit. It has one of the biggest food following information bases accessible — containing more than 34 million food sources — making it as simple as conceivable to monitor all that you eat.

While setting up your profile, you’ll be required to answer some questions, including if you’ve attempted to get more fit before and what persuades you to arrive at your objectives.

It’s allowed to set up a record and begin following your eating routine. However, you should update if you’re hoping to open additional elements, for example, custom objectives and propensity following.

3: Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts is a non-benefit application intended to assist clients in pursuing informed food decisions by helping them interpret food names. Utilizing it, you can either look or output the name of a specific item to see its healthful score, carbon impression, fixing rundown, and allergens.

Unlike other locked data sets, any user can refresh an item on Open Food Facts, guaranteeing that item information keeps up-to-date. This application is more useful to you if you’re attempting to instruct yourself or improve your shopping for food.

4: Calorie Counter +

The Calorie Counter + application by Nutracheck is essential for the help’s web-based food journal administration. The application is natural and simple to utilize; not many taps are expected to add a thing to your food journal. To make the following considerably more basic, every food thing has a going picture or logo to assist you with perceiving the right item.

There’s the choice to set day-to-day focuses for water, natural product, and veggies. Alongside following calories, the application additionally allows you to record your activity and could be designed to track your strolls with Strava. Even though a free Lite enrollment is accessible, the application works best when upgraded to a premium membership.

If you have any desire to get a trial before you purchase, Nutracheck offers a free seven-day offer of its full version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyFitnessPal really free?

MyFitnessPal offers a free version. However, the more advanced features for tracking meals, calories, and exercises can not be accessed in the free version. You would be required to upgrade to the premium version for those features, which is available at $49.99.

Is There a Better app than MyFitnessPal?

There are alternatives to the MyFitnessPal app, such as Life sum, Lose it! But finding an application that is better than the MyFitnessPal app depends upon what you are looking for in the application and how much you are willing to pay for it. Open Food Facts and Calorie Counter, for instance. 

Considering the objective and factors you consider, the best app for two different people might vary.

Is MyFitnessPal good for losing weight?

Yes. MyFitnessPal certainly helps with weight loss by tracking the nutrition and measuring the workout. Thereby helping to create a calorie deficit and lose weight steadily.

What are the pros and cons of MyFitnessPal?

The major benefits of the MyFitnessPal app are that it is Customisable, convenient, and quick to get feedback. But, at the same time, it has limited aspects in just measuring through calories instead of computing the effect of the food consumed on our body and error logging various data.

What’s the difference between Noom and MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal is the single source application that focuses majorly on calorie count and in no way guides the user in their journey. In contrast, Noom is a more holistic application for fitness that helps you bring lasting changes in your lifestyle. 

What is the most effective weight loss program?

There are many programs out there for effective weight loss, but the one that works always is keeping in mind these few factors:

  • Create calorie deficit
  • Include protein in each meal
  • Drink water, a lot of it!
  • Cardio workout
  • Take in as much fiber as possible
  • Never just drink your calories away

Is MyFitnessPal a toxic app?

Studies have shown that fitness tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal cause constant stress and negativity for the brain, starving or overindulging if not used correctly. 

What are the disadvantages of MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal is limited only to calorie tracking and no other guidance whatsoever for the user on their journey to fitness. Moreover, with its free version, you can only have nutrition tracking. For more advanced features like exercise tracking and meal scanning, you need to upgrade to the Premium version. 

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