Can I Put AirTag in Lost Mode from Mac? Here’s How? Also on iPhone, iPad

🗓️ November 28, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Is your AirTag lost or Stolen? and you are unable to find your AirTag on Mac Becuase of “Signal is weak,” “Searching for a Signal,” or Try Moving to a Different location. Follow this tutorial on What Action should owner can take?

Once you enable Lost mode, You will receive a notification when the location becomes available. and Your item is linked to your Apple ID, so no one else can pair with it. This trick works on All Mac models [M1 mac, Intel Mac – MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini], iPhone, iPad.

Let’s do it on iOS/iPadOS On MacOS.

How to Enable Lost on AirTag from iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Make sure you have an active internet connection, Either Cellular or WiFi.

On Mac:-

  1. Open “Find my” App on Mac from Spotlight Search.find-my-app-on-mac
  2. Click on the item name under the items tab, and See Location on Map.see-item-location-on-apple-find-my-app
  3. Now, Click on the (I) button next to the name and see Popup with Option Enable Lost mode.enable-lost-mode-on-apple-find-my-app
  4. Click on the Continue button. read-lost-mode-instructions-on-find-my-app
  5. On the Next Screen, Enter your Mobile number and your information so someone can find you and Connect you to return with the lost item.send-lost-mode-request-from-apple-find-my-app

Note: Anyone Case Reset AirTag After Stolen? No, Becuase of your AirTag is connected with Apple ID and locked.

On iPhone, iPad:-

  1. Open “Find My” App on iPhone and iPad.find-item-under-find-my-app-on-iphone
  2. Find your lost item with AirTag name and Tap on it.
  3. Scroll to the Screen and See the lost mode option. Tap on Enable.enable-lost-mode-from-iphone-find-my-app
  4. Your iPhone will ask to enter your Primary mobile number so the finder will contact you. Click on the Continue button.activate-lost-mode-on-airtag-from-iphone
  5. Also, send a text message before activating Lost mode on AirTag.
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How to Exit or Turn off Lost Mode on AirTag

Yes, You have to follow the same step for iPhone, Mac that we follow to enable Lost mode.

Disable Lost mode and confirm it.

That’s it.

Write a comment if you are getting any issue on turn on Lost Mode for your AirTag from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac remotely.

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