How to reduce storage on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: iOS 9

There are many ways to reduce storage on iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus. Here I’m giving you best solution to reduce storage on iPhone, which is running on iOS 9/ iOS 8. Generally, each iOS app has its own documents and data, so guess, if we gather all apps data in a bucket, then it would produce a large size of data’s. And at the end, all apps takes much space in your iPhone.

Sometimes, some of the users have no storage in iPhone to take even a single photo. And almost this problem has quickly occurred with those folks who have 16GB storage capacity iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus or earlier 16GB iPhone models. So if you have no idea to handle it, then check out following steps to reduce storage on iPhone 6s, hope this would be helpful for you.

Let a look on instructions to reduce storage on iPhone 6S /6S Plus

Step 1. Launch Settings on your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus

Step 2. Go on iCloud

Step 3. Tap on StorageHow to reduce storage on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Step 4. Press Manage Storage

Step 5. Under Documents & Data labelHow to free up space on iPhone 6S Plus

Tap on that app which has stored more data. For example, you can see here iMovie app

Step 7. Tap on Edit and now touch on Delete All

So you will be ask your data will be immediately deleted from iCloud and all of your devices. if you’ve backed up already then tap on Delete. Otherwise take back up and then try to remove it.reduce storage on 16GB iPhone 6S iOS 9.3

That’s it.

You must remove unused apps (documents and data). In addition, take backup and you should delete immaterial pictures and videos from photos app, take backup of Whatsapp messages and videos and then do delete documents and data of Whatsapp on iPhone.

Now, what you want to get much free up space on your iPhone/iPad then try this way.

Please share your deliberation in the comment and tell us which annoying message is compulsion you to reduce storage on iPhone 6S.