Remove apple Pay card remotely from iPhone on another device

Remove apple Pay card remotely from iPhone running on iOS 8

Add a new card and remove it, or remove add card process is so simple but in the case you want remove it remotely from other iOS device (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus or other iPhone models). Many times are you away from your iOS device (iOS 8 and iOS 9 Upcoming iOS –only supporting Apple Pay service). For Unauthorized access your device, stolen device or lost device you need to Delete/ remove apple Pay card from your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8. Alternatively you can also use Amazon gift card deals for secure purchase online.

Define: Apple Pay let’s Know everything : Define.

Here is the three different possible solution given by app for remove apple pay card remotely.

Note: Make sure are you resetting/ erasing or Remove Apple pay details (pay Billing and Shipping address) from the correct device with name given at the time proceeding.

Normally you can remove or add apple pay from Setting > Passbook & Apple Pay from your device.

Here are the steps for remove Apple pay card remotely over the web

1st Way for remove apple pay remotely

Step 1: Go to the And login with iCloud ID or Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Go with device name by double check, and Go with the apple pay setting under the iCloud apple pay.

2nd way to remove/ Delete Apple Pay card: Turn on Lost mode

By doing below steps you can automatically delete or suspend device from apple Pay

Step 1: Go to the iCloud/find. And login with Apple ID.

Step 2: if you already done setup for family sharing, then you can see the list of all device connected with your ID. Click on device name and Click on Lost mode option.Disable Apple Pay using lost mode

Now your Device suspended from apply pay instantaneously.

In case device is offline you have to wait till when it’s come online. Then lost mode for that device will be applied. And in Online mode, you can track device location over the map.

3rd Erase device (Apple Pay details) from iOS device remotely over the Web

Step 1: Go to the iCloud/find. And login with Apple ID.

Step 2: Proceed with some verification and message for erase it. Means remove apple pay cardRemove apple Pay card remotely from iPhone running on iOS 8

You can add after that: How to Add Credit or Debit card details in iPhone 6 – iOS 8.

And the other way if you don’t succeed in remotely Format/ remove apple Pay card from iOS device then contact your Bank and Make your card suspend. For further guide you can share your thoughts on HIS comment box.

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