How to Reset HomeKit Configuration on iPhone, iPad

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020After a lot of hard work in the office when you came home and asked Siri to turn on the lights or the AC and eventually it doesn’t give any response, how embarrassing situation it was for you. We all know Siri is the best luxurious personal assistant for lazy and busy peoples to meet their desires instantly. Till date, you have enjoyed the beauty of HomeKit accessories happily.

What if one-day HomeKit accessories stop listening to your commands? Suddenly any system failure occurs, or any other problem arises at that time what will you do? There is no need to panic in such conditions we’ve got the best quick fix to troubleshooting tips to get your problem solved quickly.

2 Reset HomeKit Configurations from iPhone

Let’s reset HomeKit Configuration on iPhone, iPad

Check whether you’ve logged into the iCloud account

First off, you have to check iCloud account is logged into the iOS device or not, if any problem arises with your HomeKit accessories. It is mandatory to keep your primary device logged into your iCloud account. Also, you need to check whether Home is visible under Settings → HomeKit.

Check Network Connectivity And Reset Your Accessories

When you opened up the app and didn’t receive anything, then you should check your network connection. Also, check whether HomeKit accessories are connected to the internet or not. After doing all these still, you are not getting a positive response then you have to reset all HomeKit devices individually. The procedure to reset the accessories may vary. We’ve observed that to reset the equipment we need to press a small button located at a side of the hardware, and the device gets reset. It will not affect your HomeKit house; the just individual device will reboot.

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Even if the Accessories are not responding, then you should go for Reset HomeKit Configuration

Still, the accessories are not acknowledging your commands then you should reset HomeKit accessories. You will face the complications such as Siri is not responding, guests devices are not able to connect to the network and more. It is not a big deal we can troubleshoot this thing by following some useful tactics.

Step 1: Go to “Settings.”

Step 2: Open “Privacy” and tap on “HomeKit.”

1 Reset Homekit on iPhone

Step #3: There tap on “Reset HomeKit Configuration.”

Step #4: Finally hit Confirmation Tab to finish the process.

After performing this action you will not be able to command Siri to do so, you have to repair the HomeKit, and you need to connect all your HomeKit accessories.

In case of you facing issues to Reset HomeKit Configuration or can’t do this then comment in below with proper text or error code. Thanks for Cooperate with Us!

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