How to search text from safari webpage on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

Find or Search text from safari webpage on iPhone/ iPad with iOS 10 is very clear and easy to use. But for the new iOS device users it’s quite interesting. There is no shortcut key or direct tool for open search text box on webpage. For Mac/ PC desktop users Command + F and Ctlr + F simultaneously is favorite shortcut key for internet researchers, Web marketers and Developer. But iPhone/ iPad users have a no shortcut keys.

Not find on webpage option available on Safari but also available in other third party web browsers for iPhone, iPad (Google Chrome, Dolphine, iCab Mobile, Opera Coast, Puffin, Ghostery). But different ways are look/ search text on webpage in all.

Steps for Search text from safari webpage on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10

Search text from safari webpage on iPhone iPad with iOS 10

1: Open Safari on iPhone/ iPad. Open webpage in browser from that you want find text in web page.

2: Next, Tap on Share icon (Square icon with upper arrow) from bottom tab.

Search text from safari webpage on iPhone, iPad

3: Slide left from share popup on third last browser tools. And Search there “Find on Page” icon.

4: type your text in search box near to keyboard. As if you find you will see yellow highlight with selected text.

That’s it.

Crome Browser in iPhone/ iPad

For iOS crome, Tap on Top right three dot icon

Next, Tap on Find in page option from drop down menu options. Enter your text in search field and See all highlighted text on webpage. To switch one text to another on webpage, tap on arrow icon near to search field.

Search on Webpage on Google chrome web browser

Dolphine: Open web page, Tap on “Three horizontal lines icon” at beneath tab. See Find on page.

Search text on Webpage from Dolphine

Puffin: Same option like Google chrome, to find on page Tap on top right Horizontal lines icon > Find in page.

Search from webpage on Puffin iPhone browser

Also this option is great on big screen iPhone (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus)/ iPad (iPad pro, iPad Mini) devices and Small Screen devices (iPhone 5S, iPhone 5).

Also useful: Save webpage as PDF on iPhone, iPad.

Above all browsers are perfect for use on mobile and happy use like Search text from safari webpage in any iOS version.