How to Share Your Location Via iMessage Text on iPhone

Here's How to use the current location text message on iPhone? Simple to share your location with iMessage. see someone's location on iPhone.

An iMessage is a free ‘’text + Picture’’ communication facility of the Apple firm. While you turn on the iMessage iPhone, you can send or receive iMessage from any Apple device very easily over Wi-Fi or the data plan 3G network. I think you would be nicely familiar with the difference between iMessage and Message. However, let me know here briefly that the iMessage shows up with a blue bubble text field, while Simple Message looks green in color. Since iMessage is also one great option to send the last location with any Apple iDevice user. Are you looking for Solved: iMessage error “waiting for activation” fixed on iPhone?

So, perhaps you would be a sound skill to send text and photos in iMessage. Even though today you want to study how to send location in iMessage on iPhone, iPad on Mac, or iMessage supported Apple device. Don’t worry. We always ready for you to suggest the best guide on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod forever. Hope, given the following instructions to send location in iMessage on iPhone, would be your main priorities.

How do I send my location via text message on iPhone?

Instructions to Share Your Location Via iMessage

  1. Launch the Messages App
  2. Next open conversion of the contact to send location
  3. Now tap on User Name (appear top-middle bar) to get the (i) option then follow the next step.
  4. Now Tap Send My Current Location
  5. As per your phone internet Speed, the location will be sent to the recipient. After Successfully delivered iMessage you and your receiver user can see Send location on the Apple Map.

Instructions to Share Your Location Via iMessage with iOS 11 or Earlier

  1. Launch Messages app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open a chat conversation of your contact
  3. Tap on Details (you can appear at the top-right side of the screen)best tip to How to send location in iMessage on iPhone 6S, 6S plus: iOS 9
  4. Now tap on Send My Current Location (look under location label on screen)How to send location in iMessage in iOS 9, iOS 8 on iPhone 6S, 6S plus
  5. According to your internet Speed, your location will send. After Successfully delivered iMessage you and your recipient can see Send location on Map

You’re done.

We optimism, this tip would be helpful for you. So send your location with your best friends, family members, or best colleagues. As well, in addition, using the iMessage feature you can also share your location for one hour, until the End of the Day, and Share indefinitely. So your recipient will get your current location in a couple of seconds.

To get those options just follow the above instructions until step 3 and then tap on Share My location. That’s it. At last, let know us how it seems this page on to send location in iMessage on iPhone.

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