How to Set Sleep Timer on HomePod for Playback, Auto Stop

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Almost 50% of new generation fellows have the habit to play songs while they sleep. And I am one of them, so somehow when you fall asleep while listening to your playlist no one is going to listen that songs and it may blow up some part of HomePod during the night. Meanwhile, after this big issue, sleep timers are introduced in the speakers which let you set the timer for X hours or X minutes and fall asleep without worrying about power and damages.

Not having a sleep timer for playback is the biggest drawback of HomePod and so many people’s are disappointed with it. Meanwhile, few users have mentioned on the feedback page and requested to add this feature in as soon as possible. So now the question arises is what do we do until the new update is released on the market?

Don’t worry there is one useful trick which can help you to fix this issue. You can save battery and fall asleep while playing your favorite playlist on HomePod. Just connect your iPhone or iPad with your HomePod via AirPlay and. Just play music using iPhone or iPad apps like music/podcast/audiobooks and connect it to the HomePod. After that, you can set the sleep timer in your iDevice and when the time comes the iPhone will stop airing or play music on the HomePod and it will automatically get stopped.


Since it is very simple and adaptable technique which can help to fall asleep without worrying about the HomePod.

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1: Go to the “Clock” app.

2: On the bottom, you will find “Timer’, tap on it.

3: Next, it will ask you to set the timer just set it.

4: Click on “When Timer Ends”.

5: Find the option “Stop Playing” and tap on it.

6: On the top of the screen tap on “Set”.

7: And finally click on “Start”.

As soon as you will tap on Start the timer will start and you can fall asleep peacefully.

We can also set the timer by asking Siri on your iPhone

To do this just activates Siri on your iPhone, using the command below.

Hey Siri, “Play Music for 10 Minutes or “ Hours”.

That’s it. Enjoy. Give feedback to apple in HomePod community and enjoy tips for Set Sleep Timer on HomePod for apple music, Podcast.

Here’s How to Set Sleep Timer for Apple Music on iPhone and You never miss these best iPhone Alarm Apps for Heavy Sleepers.

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