6 Fixes Unable to Airplay HomePod Mini from iPhone after iOS 17.3.1 update

Just like other gadgets, HomePod has its issues. Not everyone is facing problems, but some of the people have system problems while setting up and often sometimes connection breaks and more. Somehow if you can follow the guide and try to troubleshoot that error, it might get solved easily, and sometimes you will need to contact the support team of Apple to fix it.

Among all one is we have encountered that few users have complained that they are can’t/ unable to airplay to HomePod. For that, you have to check some essential features which are required to airplay the songs on HomePod.

Get in Fixed: Unable to AirPlay to HomePod from iPhone

Solution #1: Check Power and Turn Off/On

Make sure that your HomePod is getting proper power or else once you must unplug and plug it.

Solution #2: issue in Network Connection

To airplay the songs, the iPhone or iPad has Bluetooth turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. And also it is necessary that HomePod is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Solution #3: HomePod is Silent or low Volume

Check out whether you have muted the HomePod or not. Otherwise, after many solutions, it Apple Smart Specker won’t play music.

Solution #4: HomePod Has Latest Version to solve unable to AirPlay HomePod

Verify that your iPhone or iPad is running the latest version or not. Sometimes when we face any system errors, they can be easily solved by updating the device.

Solution #5: Keep HomePod Near to Wi-Fi

Move your HomePod nearer to your Wi-Fi and also bring the iPhone near to it.

Solution #6: Reset the HomePod to get rid of unable to AirPlay HomePod

Resetting the HomePod can be helpful to fix this issue. But if you reset the HomePod, you will have to set it up again like before. And it will clear all your documents and data and make it new and fresh.

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Enjoy, And Share your feedback on which tip works for you and help us via suggestions.

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