HomePod MAC Address Determination: Here’s Fix

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Is your Homepod unable to set up in your WiFi Network because Device is not added to the list of Trusted devices? Know your HomePod Mac address first then add HomePod as a Trusted device. alternate ways to determine the MAC address.

Do you exactly know that why we need a MAC address? It is an address through which our network remains on the safe side from the anti-social peoples. It is an address of a device that identifies it uniquely from others. IEEE network technologies mostly use it as a network address.

When was I checking one forum where one user was asking that how to determine the MAC address of HomePod? When you want high security like your Wi-Fi should not be accessible to others. So to make sure this, you can add a trusted device to your network and for that, you will require entering the MAC address of that device. Usually, when you buy an iPhone or iPad it is given in it, but the problem here is, it is a smart speaker without any display screen so how to determine MAC address of it?

Fix and Bypass Error MAC address Determination

Try it:

  1. I would suggest you connect your HomePod on a network without entering the MAC address. Once you register it, go to Home app on iPhone or iPad and check like other HomeKit devices it is showing the MAC address or not. And if it is showing, then register it on your network.
  2. Even if you can disable the MAC address filtering on your respected router. After that go to the configuration page, there you will find all the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Now re-enable the MAC address filtering and finally add your HomePod to the list of trusted devices.
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Method 3:- Know Homepod Mac address from Hotpost Network

if you need to filter Homepod mac address in such case like Router is not under your access. So, the Best Solution is to Use your Other Mobile’s Hotspot network and connected your iPhone to that Personal hotspot network then set up your Homepod and check all Device’s Mac addresses under the Hotspot network. Follow the below steps,

  1. Make sure your Homepod is Ready to set up with your iPhone that’s connected with the Hotspot network. if not then Reset the homepod first.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the Personal Hotspot network shared by your Android Mobile.
  3. Connect your Homepod to your iPhone with a Pairing setup. Once the Homepod is paired with iPhone > Check on your Android devices under the list of all connected devices.
  4. Homepod should appear on connected devices list on android mobile > Tap on it and see the Mac address.
  5. Copy or Note down this Mac address and say to the network provider to add this Homepod Mac address.
  6. Once this Unique mac address is added, Remove Homepod from Homekit [Home app on iPhone].
  7. Manually Reset homepod and Try to Connect after Join your iPhone to Primary WiFi and set up Homepod with iPhone.

Hope this will work for you.

Useful resources are updating in our apple Community: Check out your Problems and try different techniques for https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8275373

I think these are the only two valuable ways to get the MAC address of your HomePod easily. So if you need badly then give a try to these troubleshoots and get it.

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Give us your valuable feedback and tricks to fix our HomePod MAC address Determination and HomePod Problems.

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