Setup Organ Donation in iPhone, iPad: Remove You from Donation

Save the life by pre-register (Setup Organ Donation to iPhone/ iPad) or become a donor yourself. For that, you don’t need to go anywhere, in just few finger taps you can do officially on (Life America Registry) via health app. Mind changes have an also good option for removing her/ Himself using health app. Apple’s announcement for this registration: Your information setup on Donate organ not sent to apple, it bypasses to Donate Life America from your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch.

Let’s join to become the useful piece of someone’s life. Newly updated health app cover organ donate as the central portion for help.

Steps for Setup Organ Donation in iPhone, Manage it or Remove your self

Setup Organ Donation in iPhone, iPad in iOS 10

Follow the quick guide with necessary details and confirm yourself after the declaration. Here I setup after update iOS 11, You find any changes give us to report on the comment box.

Step 1: Go to the Health App on iPhone/ iPad (iOS 10).

Step 2: Tap on “Medical ID” tab from beneath Tabs.

Step 3: Scroll down the screen to bottom, Tap on Sign Up with Donate Life. Fill your Profile details and address correctly within USA. Once you complete Full Details, Tap on Complete Registration with Donate Life.

Submit Personal Details for Organ Donation

Step 4: Now you Medical ID home screen likes to look in below.

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Edit or Remove Donor identity in Health app: iOS 10

Step 1: Go back to Health App > Medical ID screen,

Step 2: Scroll down, Tap on Edit Option below Organ Donation Registry. Tap on Field to enter or update information > Update at top right corner

Delete or Edit saved details in Organ Donar

Else, Remove Me of completely sign out yourself as an organ Donor.

Future time your register from same repeat steps explained above. Save others life by sharing this message or Apple’s new health app feature by Setup Organ Donation in iPhone/ iPad.

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